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Why Soil (Mineral) Depletion is Now The Greatest Threat to Human Survival!
June 11, 2013

"Soil Depletion is Now The Greatest Threat to Human Survival!"

Good morning,

And welcome to the first edition of our life saving health solutions newsletter. The response we’ve had so far has been through-the-roof and we’re really looking forward to giving you some excellent health advice each month, along with all the latest news and breakthroughs currently happening on the natural health scene.

There’s loads of important information we want to share with you so let’s get straight into it shall we…

First off, I’m going to reveal to you the hidden truth about the sickening state of the foods we are all eating today (if you can even call them “foods”). Plenty of research has gone into this particular field and the results are truly catastrophic!

It’s now official folks; the foods we are eating have about as much nutrition as a cardboard box! Combine this with the frightening rise in genetically modified foods (GMO’s), pesticides, toxic chemicals, artificial additives, sweeteners, food colourings… it’s no wonder we as a society are about as healthy as a dead cat!

But Can't You Get Everything You Need From Your Diet?

It really makes me laugh when I hear Doctors and Nutritionists telling people that “You can get all the nutrients you need if you just eat healthy”. And even worse than that… “Taking nutritional supplements is nothing but a scam and a waste of money”.

I don’t know why but Doctors and Nutritionist seem to be the worst culprits for filling people’s heads with this rubbish! (Not all of them of course). Maybe it has something to do with their training? I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s the proof of why you can no longer rely on your diet to give you the nutrients your body needs everyday to stay healthy (and prevent and treat any underlying ailments or diseases you may have but don’t know about)…

The 1992 Earth Summit produced some astounding figures on mineral depletion for the world’s continents over the last 100 years (remember this… our bodies need a minimum of 60 minerals everyday just to maintain our health).

North America: Plunged 85%

South America: Fallen 76%

Asia: Gone down 76%

Africa: Down 74%

Europe: Down 72%

Australia: Down 55%

What’s worse about these figures is they were produced 21 years ago, so today they would be down even more!

And the results are no better for vitamin content. Take a look at a couple of our most popular vegies (as published in the British Food Journal)…

Amount of Vitamin C in 100 g of Spinach

1950 = 150mg

1963 = 100mg

1982 = 063mg

1994 = 013mg

Amount of nutrients lost in potatoes’ over the last 50 years

Vitamin A = 100% lost

Vitamin C = 57% lost

Calcium = 28% less

Iron = 57% less

Riboflavin = 50% gone

Thiamine = 18% gone

A Professor from the Center of Food Policy also explained that our food has now become so nutrient dead that you would need to eat at least eight oranges just to get the same amount of Vitamin A from one orange that our grandparents would have received back in their day!

So How Do We Know if Our Food is Nutritious or Not?

The biggest problem with all of this is you can’t actually look at a fruit or vegetable, and from the outside, tell if it’s lacking vitamin C, or selenium, or calcium, or any of the other essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. A carrot, for example, may look nice and orange on the outside but inside it may contain virtually zero nutrition!

But thankfully there is an easy way to test our produce to see if they’re nutritious…

By the way they taste!

If they taste bland then they are “nutrient dead” crap. If they are juicy and full of flavour then they are likely to be “nutrient rich!”

Let me ask you a question… Why do we add salt to our food? Because it adds flavour right? Well salt (sodium) is a nutrient. In fact, it’s one of the most important nutrients. But here’s the thing… calcium, and selenium, and vitamin C, and all vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, for that matter, give food its flavour! So the more nutrients that are in our foods the better they taste. (Of course this doesn’t include any refined and processed foods. These man-made disaster foods are filled with toxic chemicals and artificial additives to make them taste more appealing).

I can still remember when I was a kid eating an apple or a peach and the juiciness and flavour they contained.

It was amazing!

I also remember finding the odd worm or insect in them as well, but not these days. The fruits and vegetables you buy these days are tasteless rubbish. And you never find any insects in them now that they are soaked to death with chemicals and pesticides.

GMO's, Pesticides and Other Chemicals Are The Greatest Threat to Mankind More Than Anything Else

Forget about wars or terrorist attacks or the shape of the world economy, the greatest threat to our survival is actually the shape of our food supply. For some reason man thinks he is smarter than nature. He thinks he can alter the genes of plants (which are already perfect in every way), dump toxic chemicals into our food and water supply (there are over 3000 chemicals in our food chain today) and pour chemicals into our atmosphere and over our land and not expect there’s going to be consequences!

It just defies all logic.

But there are the obvious things we can do to avoid all of this (up to a point anyway). Trying to eat organically grown produce and staying completely clear of GMO foods is paramount (along with avoiding all refined and processed foods).

There are also the obvious things we can do to make sure we receive all of the nutrients and antioxidants we need every day to cleanse, repair and regenerate our bodies. Taking a potent superfood such as wheat grass or barley grass (grown in mineral rich soils) is our #1 recommendation. Colloidal minerals are needed to supply us with the full spectrum of macro and trace minerals every day so taking a good quality supplement is also vital. Finally, a quality probiotic will help to recolonise the digestive system with healthy bacteria, which then helps to strengthen the immune system and detox the body.

Latest Research Reveals Weight Training and Outdoor Walking is One of The Keys to Living Longer...

On a different note… it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of exercising for health, and in particular, weight training and cycling. Well recently a study by the University of British Colombia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute found that light, moderate exercise doesn’t just benefit the young and middle aged, it also benefits the elderly quite significantly as well (if you’re still young you may be thinking that you don’t need to worry about reading this but one day you will be in your latter years, whether you like it or not, so you need to listen up now!).

In the study they found that weight training and outdoor cardio exercise resulted in patients being far less reliant on health care resources (Doctors visits, blood tests, etc) than people who don’t do any exercise at all. But this is actually nothing new. Plenty of studies have been able to overwhelmingly prove that weight training and exercising outdoors can cut your chances of getting diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes by at least half, along with significantly increasing your longevity. In fact, in the book “Apple Cider Vinegar” by Paul and Patricia Bragg there’s a photo of Paul standing next to Roy Young. Roy was 106 years old at the time and still lifting weights. To look at him, you would have thought he was only about 70 years old, not 106!

So if you’re not currently on any form of exercise program then we recommend you begin as soon as possible. You really won’t believe just how much more energized and healthier you will feel and how much less aches and pains you will get!

Diet Sodas Rot Teeth as Bad as Crack Cocaine and Meth...

Finally, this just in for all you soda poppers…

The Temple University School of Dentistry completed a recent study and found that the acid in diet sodas decays your teeth at the same level as someone with a hard drug addiction (if you’ve ever seen pictures of a drug addict, you’ll notice just how shocking their teeth look). They also found that there was absolutely no difference in the rate of decay between diet sodas and regular sodas. This is not surprising given the fact that all sodas contain high amounts of phosphoric acid. And phosphoric acid doesn’t just rot your teeth; it also rots your bones faster than anything else!

Next Months Newsletter...

Well that ends this month’s newsletter.

Next month we are going to be talking about the amazing Chinese herb known as Fo-Ti (He-Shou-Wu). This herb is a powerful elixir-of-youth and the ultimate health and longevity plant. The man who first discovered it lived to be 130 years of age (his son died at 160!) so it’s definitely one herb you'll want to know more about. We will also keep you informed of any new discoveries within the natural health field. In the meantime, be sure to return to and check out some of our new articles by clicking on the "What's new" button on the nav bar (just click on the link below to go there).

So until next month, stay safe and all the best.

Yours in health


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