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Wow! Stay Super Healthy With Powerful Gut Probiotics & Saw Palmetto...
August 13, 2014

Stay Healthy For Life With Powerful Probiotics and Saw Palmetto!

Good morning folks, and welcome to our 8th edition of Life Saving Health Solutions.

Well, we certainly stirred up a hornets nest this week on our Facebook page. We posted a photo and article on the suspect medical practice of chemotherapy for treating cancer. And boy did the comments come in thick and fast! It seems everyone has an opinion on this one. In the Facebook forums a lot of people agreed with our stance on using alternative cancer treatments over the cut-burn-poison medical approach but other “Facebookers” slammed us for unnecessarily “scaring people”. Well, we certainly don’t apologize for our post and we believe it’s our duty to inform the general public of the dangers of treatments such as chemotherapy. Anyway, if you’re on Facebook and you’re interested in checking out the post, you can find our page here… Life-Saving Naturalcures and Naturalremedies/Facebook

Fellas, For Treating Prostate Problems, Saw Palmetto Packs a Mighty Punch!

Recently, my uncle went in for surgery on his prostate. He’d been suffering from prostatitis (swollen prostate) for quite some time and his specialist wanted to scrape and clean his prostate, as well as check on a lump which he thought could be cancerous. But he needn’t have bothered. 3 months ago I convinced my uncle to start taking the herb saw palmetto for his prostatitis. He was very sceptical but I think he was so sick and tired of having to get up to pee every 5 minutes (and stand there for 10 minutes just to get one squirt out) that he was willing to try anything. He started taking double the amount recommended on the bottle and within a month his prostate problems were fixed. He honestly couldn’t believe it! Now my uncle was no longer a sceptic about natural remedies anymore, he was a big believer. He still went back to his specialist though and the doc recommended he still have the surgery because “natural therapies don’t work”. So when they operated they found no lumps and they found a normal size prostate gland. What really made me smile though was after the surgery the specialist came to see my uncle to ask him what the herb was that he’d been taking for his prostate gland. My uncle told him it was saw palmetto and he said… well, I advise you to keep taking it! So that was good, and I think we may have changed the good doctor’s belief about natural remedies for the better (I’m not sure if we converted him but at least we got him thinking). So for all you fellas, if you find yourself with prostate problems down the track, get some Saw palmetto into you straight away!

Probiotics Are One of the Most Powerful Weapons in the Fight Against Sickness and Disease…

It’s incredible that some people have still never heard of probiotics or the amazing benefits they provide to the health of the human body. If this is you then you’re about to discover why these beneficial bacteria are one of the most important microscopic creatures on the planet!

The word “probiotic” means “for life” and this describes perfectly why you must have these potent little critters growing and thriving inside of you. Without enough “friendly” bacteria in the digestive system and vagina the “bad” bacteria are able to take over and wreak havoc on your insides. If you’ve ever had candida (thrush) then you’ve had an over growth and overload of bad bacteria. The problem is, these bad bacteria shoot out and release toxic little “buds” into your blood stream. Over time these nasty little buggers poison your blood and eventually poison your whole body! I remember my old boss telling me that not so long ago he became so sick he actually thought he was going to die. He could no longer keep food down and it got to the stage where he couldn’t even get out of bed on some occasions. He had every medical test imaginable done but they couldn’t find a thing. In the end they wanted to put him in hospital and cut him open just to have a look and see if they could find anything (no I’m not kidding). Fortunately, his sister convinced him to go and see a naturopath. John said, “I didn’t believe in all that natural and new agey bull#@_! But I was desperate so I went”. His naturopath diagnosed him with chronic candida overload and put him on a special diet, including eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut and taking a probiotic supplement every day. Within 3 months he was new man! According to John his energy levels were the best they’d been since he was a kid and his digestion was now in tip top condition (apparently he had a rather deadly flatulence problem beforehand). So there we have another satisfied natural-health-sceptic-turned-believer!

Benefits of Probiotics…

Improves Intestinal Problems

According to the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide, studies have found that Lactobacillus GG, a specific probiotic strain, improves cases of infectious diarrhea in children and infants. Probiotics help normalize bowel function and can help relieve constipation. They cleanse the intestinal tract by dislodging accumulated matter and helping to remove it from the system. Probiotics are also helpful in the treatment of intestinal disorders such as Crohn's disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Better Immune Response

The good bacteria in probiotics acts as antigens that are made available to the immune system and help fight a wide range of diseases and conditions. When they attach to the intestinal walls, probiotics make the environment mildly acidic, which helps retard the growth of disease-causing bacteria. This enables the immune system to do less work in the intestines so it can focus on fighting disease in other parts of the body. Probiotics also stimulate antibody production, providing protection and a defence against infection.

Improved Urogenital Health

The use of antibiotics, spermicides and birth control pills can disrupt the normally acidic environment of the vagina, making it a target for the growth of harmful microorganisms. Probiotics can help restore the natural balance of this environment, reducing the risk of bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection and urinary tract infection.

Improved General Health

In a Swedish study performed back in 2005, researchers treated one group of employees with the Lactobacillus probiotic and another group with a placebo. Their findings showed that the group treated with the Lactobacillus missed work much less and suffered from less respiratory or gastrointestinal illness than the placebo group.

Best Ways to Get Your Probiotics…

Probiotics are probably one of the closest things we have to a “magic bullet” to solve most of our health problems. However, our good bacteria are constantly under threat as a result of our poor lifestyle choices - like eating processed foods and drinking alcohol, as well as by taking antibiotics. And unless you replenish the supply of friendly bacteria every day, the bad bacteria will easily gain dominance. So you absolutely must supplement with a good quality probiotic (some of these are considered the best on the market… Probiotic suppliers ) and you must eat plenty of fermented foods every day. Here’s a link to one of our favourite websites… Cultures for Health. They supply everything you need to know on how to easily make your own probiotic rich foods, including natural yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut recipes so be sure to check them out!

This Just In…

You would probably have had to be living on another planet not to have heard about the Ebola virus. And you may have read recently that there’s an Ebola vaccine about to be manufactured and “rushed through” for human trials and use. But before you even consider getting the jab you may want to think about this… The same company that’s going to be manufacturing this vaccine (GlaxoSmithKline) was also busted two years ago for wilfully bribing doctors and distributing misleading information about their pharmaceutical products. But a slap on the wrist and petty little fine later (petty for them anyway) and their back out there doing business with the federal government again. These people cannot be trusted and only have dollar signs in their eyes, so be wary. Better to keep your immune system strong by taking plenty of Olive leaf extract , probiotics and Wheat grass , along with eating lots of turmeric, rather than pinning your hopes on an untested vaccine anyway!

And Finally This…

Evidence is now starting to emerge showing the invisible Wi-Fi frequencies most of us are subjected to every day may be contributing to a variety of chronic health conditions. Sleep problems, kidney problems and reduced sperm count in men have all been linked to the radiation emitted from the electromagnetic frequencies of Wi-Fi. More research and proof is still needed in this area for sure but so far it doesn’t look good. I do think Wi-Fi is definitely here to stay regardless so we all need to make sure we protect ourselves from the constant radiation. Iodine and baking soda are two powerful radiation killers, along with the immune boosters olive leaf extract, wheat grass and Tumeric once again. Trying to avoid all the electromagnetic frequencies, pollution and chemicals in the air is virtually impossible so natural protection is by far your best line of defence!

Your Request Answered...

After numerous requests in our contact form from the gents (and some of the wives) we’ve recently posted a complete and thorough article on home remedies for erectile dysfunction. This is such a common problem amongst the male population now, and with the poor content on the web in regards to this condition, many guys were really crying out for some decent home remedies and natural treatments that actually work. So if you’re interested, here’s some powerful aphrodisiacs and Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction.

Well that's it for this newsletter. Until next time, stay safe and enjoy the rest of your week!

Yours in health


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