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Apple Cider Vinegar Was Hippocrates Favorite “Cure All” Remedy. Here’s Why…
August 30, 2016

40 Reasons Why Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is Still the Best (and Cheapest) Health Elixir, Revitalizer and Anti-Ageing Drink Yet Discovered…

Greetings everyone, and a warm welcome to our August edition of Life Saving Health Solutions. Thank you for subscribing and being a part of our health circle. I sincerely hope you enjoy today’s newsletter and the information I'm going to be sharing with you...

What if I told you there was a health tonic and natural “wonder drug” that works so well it’s been highly prized for over two and a half thousand years? What if I told you it can help with ANY health problem, slow down the ravages of ageing, and give you a powerful energy boost? And what if I told you it came with no negative side effects and you could buy it for peanuts? You’d want to get your hands on some wouldn’t you?

Of course, I’m talking about the nutritional marvel that is apple cider vinegar (ACV). The health and healing benefits of this powerhouse food are nothing short of astonishing. Rarely do you come across a natural substance (or any substance for that matter) that revitalizes and rejuvenates ones overall health “right across the board”. ACV is definitely one of these rarities. It was one of Hippocrates favorite “cure all” remedies for this very reason. And research from around the world supports what Hippocrates discovered back in 400 B.C. – that organic, undistilled apple cider vinegar is a very potent cleanser and healing elixir.

The versatility of apple cider vinegar as a powerful body cleansing agent is well-known. It was first discovered back in the prehistoric era, and since then has been traced to Egyptian urns as far back as 3000 B.C. The Babylonians also used it as a preservative and food condiment, while Julius Caesar’s army were supplied with an ACV tonic to keep them strong, healthy and help fight off disease. The Greeks and Romans kept vinegar vessels for flavouring and healing. It was used in Biblical times as an antiseptic and healing agent and is even mentioned in the Bible. During the middle ages in Paris it was sold from wooden barrels by street vendors as a beverage, healing tonic and body deodorant. Even Christopher Columbus and his crew back in 1492 had vinegar barrels on board in case of a scurvy outbreak, as did soldiers in the American civil war. Amazingly, for centuries in Japan even the feared Samurai solders regularly drank ACV to give them strength and clarity of mind.

And did you know that astronomers even found vinegar in distant space…

“In a stellar cloud 25,000 light years from earth, researchers found organic vinegar, a molecule that may have played a role in the formation of life.”.

– University of Chicago, June 1996.

So if organic vinegar did in fact play a role in the formation of life, then it must have played a role in the formation of us (we are life, of course). This may also explain why ACV reacts so positively within our bodies. It could very well be a part of our make-up!

You Must Take Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day, No Matter What…

It doesn’t matter what health problem, illness or disease you’re suffering from, or even if you’re health is okay but you’re feeling a bit run down or under the weather, apple cider vinegar will help you. You honestly won’t believe the difference it will make and just how much better you’ll feel until you try it! (As the saying goes… an apple a day keeps the doctor away).

ACV is a very potent anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal food. It’s incredibly rich in essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, particularly the “master” mineral potassium. The interesting thing about potassium is that once it enters the body, toxic poisons are placed “in solution” so they can then be flushed straight out through the urine. Life extension specialist and ACV expert and author, Paul C. Bragg, also labelled potassium “detergent for the arteries”. He says this mineral is instrumental in cleaning the walls of the arteries and blood vessels so they don’t clog up and cause heart disease and other circulatory problems.

Here’s some common signs of a potassium deficiency. If you suffer from any one or more of these, you definitely need to get some organic ACV into you… fast!

• Bone and muscle aches and pains, especially lower back pain.

• Shooting pain when straightening after leaning over.

• Dizziness upon straightening after leaning over.

• Morning dull headaches upon arising and when under stress.

• Body feels tired and heavy and is a struggle to move.

• Dull, faded looking hair that lacks sheen and luster.

• Itchy scalp. Dandruff, premature hair thinning or balding.

• Hair is unmanageable, mats up and often looks like straw. Sometimes hair is very dry and other times very oily.

• Eyes itch and feel sore. Sometimes eyelids are granulated and white gunk collects in the corners. Other times the eyes appear bloodshot, watery and uncomfortable.

• Eyes tire easily and don’t focus as they should.

• Loss of mental alertness. Forgetfulness and confusion. Memory seems to fail – you forget names and places that should be on the tip of your tongue.

• Tire physically and mentally, sometimes with even the slightest of effort.

• Easily irritable and impatient, particularly with friends, family and loved ones.

• Suffer from nervousness and experience periods of depression and mental fog. Have difficulty getting things done due to mental and muscle fatigue. Even the slightest effort can leave you upset and trembling.

• Hands and feet get chilled at times, even in warm weather.

And here’s a list of just some of the incredible health and medicinal benefits of raw organic ACV…

-Can be used as a detox to cleanse the kidneys

-Helps prevent the flu

-Reduces arthritic inflammation

-Relieves sinus pressure and fights infection

-Aids in weight loss by decreasing appetite and increasing -fat burn

-Relieves allergies and asthma symptoms

-Relieves gout and gouty arthritis symptoms

-Balances the body’s pH level

-Lowers your cholesterol

-Removes nail fungus

-Soothes bug bites and other skin irritations

-Aids in digestion

-Helps with sleep issues (taken with warm water and honey before bedtime)

-Strengthens bones

-Contains strong anti-inflammatory properties

-Relieves pain from stings

-Relieves chest congestion

-Promotes bowel movements and eases constipation

-Relieves heartburn and acid reflux (GERD)

-Can help stop hiccups

-Promotes sinus drainage

-Treats ear infections

-Soothes rashes

-Promotes growth of healthy gut flora

-Helps control sugar cravings

-Helps cure strep throat

-Helps treat eczema

-Increases energy and boosts metabolism

-Relaxes sore muscles

-Disinfects wounds

-Boosts immunity

-Lowers blood pressure

And as an external/beauty treatment, you can use ACV for these…

-Use as a hair rinse to fight dandruff and add body and shine

-Use as a facial cleanser to boost the pH of your skin

-Add to bath water to relieve the redness and pain of sunburn

-Use to reduce build-up on the scalp

-Helps in the removal of warts

-Use as skin toner for blemishes

-Apply on skin to reduce cellulite

-Helps control bad breath

-Whitens teeth and kills mouth bacteria

-Reduces swelling and fades bruising

-Use as an overnight soak to clean dentures

From a healing perspective, researchers at the Department of Nutrition at Arizona State University found that apple cider vinegar could also be beneficial in treating those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. According to their findings, ACV improves insulin sensitivity for people with type 2 diabetes when they consume a high carbohydrate meal.

A 2004 study published in Biofactors and another in the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer both showed that apple cider vinegar has anti-cancer benefits and can actually kill cancer cells (in clinical trials).

And research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics showed that healthy adult women consumed fewer total calories on days when ACV was ingested during their morning meal. Researchers think that apple cider vinegar may reduce hunger pangs by decreasing the mealtime glycemic load. This means blood glucose levels don’t surge then plummet back down again. It’s these surges in blood sugar that make you more susceptible to overeating.

Best Apple Cider Vinegar and How to Take it for Maximum Results…

When someone says they took apple cider vinegar and “it didn’t work”, you know straight away they made one or all of these 3 mistakes (ACV works 100% of the time for everyone so it wasn’t the vinegars fault!)…

1. They Used the Wrong Type:.

There are so many different brands and different forms of vinegars on the market today that it’s very easy to purchase the wrong type. Only pure, raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar that still contains the “mother” apple (it will say this on the bottle) should ever be consumed. For me, I only ever purchase and drink Bragg apple cider vinegar , and I recommend you do the same. Because of the amount of chemicals and GMO’s in our food chain today, as well as the dodgy and cost cutting processing methods that are used by many manufactures, this is the only brand I trust. Plus the fact that Bragg ACV has less acidity than most of the others so it’s much easier to drink (it doesn’t burn on the way down!) and it’s also very reasonably priced. A gallon only costs around $27 (U.S.)… One Gallon Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and this will last you around 4 months. What a bargain!

2. They Didn’t Consume it Properly:.

To get the most out of the apple cider vinegar, you must take it on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning is one of the best times as this raises your body’s pH level after you’ve been asleep (your pH drops while you’re sleeping). Last thing at night before you go to bed is also ideal so that your body has the necessary nutrients and antioxidants to cleanse, repair and regenerate itself while you’re sleeping. Mix one tablespoon (which is anywhere between 15-20 ml’s, depending on which country you live in) in a glass of warm filtered water. You can also add a teaspoon or two of raw unprocessed honey or Manuka honey for extra benefit and taste, along with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and/or cinnamon if you wish. Then, bottoms up!

Paul C. Bragg also recommends using ACV to improve your digestion before mealtime (and stop acid reflux, heartburn, gas and bloating problems). To do this, take 1 tablespoon of filtered water with 1/3 of a teaspoon of ACV. Before swallowing though, hold this mixture in your mouth for 5-10 seconds. This promotes saliva, which helps to digest your food right in the mouth. Doing this before you eat causes your stomach digestive fluids to flow faster and better, which in turn, results in improved digestion and assimilation.

3. They Didn’t Take it for Long Enough:.

This is probably the biggest mistake of them all. Many people seem to be under the assumption that you take apple cider vinegar (or any nutritional supplement for that matter) the same you do a prescription. So all you do is take it for a few weeks or a few months and then you’re “cured” right? Wrong! ACV should be something you continue to take for the rest of your life. Because of the radical farming methods that are used today, our food no longer supplies us with the essential nutrients, co-factors, good gut bacteria and live enzymes our bodies need every day… Soil Depletion is Now The Greatest Threat to Human Survival. So none of us can rely solely on what we eat anymore. Consuming organic apple cider vinegar every day may actually be the only form of real nutrition your body gets, so whatever you do… don’t stop taking it!

NOTE: You may have read that taking ACV every day can cause tooth decay. The reasoning behind this is because apple cider vinegar is acidic when it first enters the mouth (it then becomes alkaline though), this “acid” gets into your teeth and rots them. This is simply not true however. While processed ACV’s are acidic and stay acidic, raw unfiltered ACV becomes alkaline once in the body, and although it does contain acetic acid (which can be detrimental to tooth enamel), it also contains high amounts of pectin (which is good for tooth enamel) and malic acid (which whitens teeth), along with calcium, magnesium and boron, which are all essential for strengthening teeth and preventing tooth decay. So when it comes to ACV, the pros definitely outweigh any so-called cons (as long as it’s organic unprocessed ACV). There’s no need to be alarmed.

This Just In…

The Connection Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Good Gut Bacteria…

Thanks to a new study performed by researchers at Cornell University and published in the journal Microbiome, we may be a bit closer to understanding what causes chronic fatigue. The new study found a relationship between CFS and our gut bacteria. Understanding this relationship further could definitely be a game-changer as far as how we view, understand, prevent and even treat this disorder.

Maureen Hanson, the senior author of the study, explains…

“Our work demonstrates that the gut bacterial microbiome in chronic fatigue syndrome patients isn’t normal, perhaps leading to gastrointestinal and inflammatory symptoms in victims of the disease. Furthermore, our detection of a biological abnormality provides further evidence against the ridiculous concept that the disease is psychological in origin.”.

For their research, organizers took 48 people with chronic fatigue syndrome and 39 healthy people without chronic fatigue syndrome and had them provide stool and blood samples. Through microbial DNA sequencing, the researchers identified various strains of bacteria. By analyzing the bacteria and inflammatory markers in the samples, they were able to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome with an 83 percent accuracy rate.

Specifically, organizers found that individuals diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome had less bacterial diversity in their samples. They also found less anti-inflammatory bacterial species. Additionally, the researchers found inflammatory markers in the blood samples of the chronic fatigue patients, and these were correlated to leaky gut, which is a condition that allows bacteria to seep into the blood.

Being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome myself over 20 years ago, and subsequently curing it completely through a radical change in diet, which included high supplementation of healthy gut bacteria (probiotics) and anti-inflammatory and gut healing herbs such as turmeric, garlic, cinnamon and ginger - along with the powerful gut healer gelatine – I definitely agree with the connection between gut health and chronic fatigue. Thankfully, this study has now been able to prove it.

And This…

Dr Google is Stealing Patients From "Real" GP’s…

This one’s kind of funny. A new survey in Australia revealed that three out of every five people are turning to the internet for their health problems, rather than visiting their local GP. The NPS Medicinewise survey of more than 1000 Australians found that just under 60 per cent admitted to looking up health information online to avoid going to a doctor. The percentage of online symptom searches, so as to avoid a face-to-face appointment, was almost 80 per cent among 18 to 34 year olds according to the survey results. Among the 35-49 year olds, 67 per cent said they searched the web to avoid making a doctor’s appointment, and in the over 50’s category it was around 39 percent. Interestingly, the survey also found one in five Australians said they would use Facebook to try and find answers to questions they have about specific medicines.

In the U.S. it seems Dr Google isn’t quite as popular – not yet anyway. A recent survey found only 35 percent of Americans admitted to using the internet to self-diagnose a particular health problem for themselves, a family member or friend. Funnily enough, the results showed that of the people who did search to find a diagnosis online, most were actually likely to have it confirmed as correct by their doctor rather than disputed (41% vs. 18%).

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with using Dr Google to self-diagnose and research symptoms. If it looks like it could be a serious or life threatening health problem though then obviously having the diagnosis confirmed by a “flesh and blood” doctor would be a wise decision. At least then you can make an informed decision on what remedies and treatment modalities you would like to implement (be it natural, alternative or orthodox). Informing yourself first rather than just blindly accepting your doctor’s diagnosis (doctors are only human and aren’t always right) is a smart choice in my opinion. I like to think of Dr Google as your easy, no-cost second opinion!

Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy.

All the best,



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After being struck down with a severe and debilitating illness at the age of 26 and told by medical doctors that nothing more could be done for him, Troy Sawyer was left to search for his own cure, which he did find through natural recovery methods. Following three years of extensive research into nutritional therapies, he discovered that a deficiency of certain essential nutrients was the cause of his illness. Once remedied, Troy’s health returned to even greater levels than before his ailment.

Today, more than 18 years later, he spends his time constantly researching and staying up-to-date with all of the latest developments happening within the natural health field, along with working as a wellness and fitness coach. He also continues to help as many people as he can to enjoy the benefits of good health and longevity through his natural health website.

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