5 Home Remedies for Folliculitis That Work a Treat!

by Terry
(Los Angeles, California)

Want to cure your folliculitis quickly and for good? Here's 5 natural remedies you definitely must consider...


I've recently broken out with a bad case of what I now know to be folliculitis, and the itch is unbearable! Is there a natural way for me to treat and cure this problem? I don't want to use pharmaceutical medications.


Hi Terry, and thank you for your question regarding natural remedies for folliculitis. Firstly, for those who don't know, folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicles. Each hair on your body grows out of a follicle pouch, and when these pouches become infected from bacteria or fungus, folliculitis (inflammation) is the result. You can get folliculitis anywhere on your body that has hair but the most common places are the scalp, beard, back, arms, legs, buttocks and genital area.

Folliculitis is not serious though, and thankfully, getting rid of it with natural treatments and remedies is easy. Here's 5 of the best ways to do this...

Home Remedy for Folliculitis #1... African Black Soap: African black soap is our definite #1 pick for treating and curing folliculitis. It's considered one of the best topical remedies for acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and dry skin, but also works astonishingly well for folliculitis. This natural soap contains some potent healing ingredients such as palm oil, cocoa, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E. It gets right into the follicles to quickly relieve the infection, along with the itchiness and pain and inflammation. You can purchase organic African black soap from most good health retailers or online. Just make sure it's pure organic African black soap (like these ones) and not the cheaper versions as these do not work. Be sure to use this soap morning and night for best results. And you can also use it in place of shaving cream too if you like. It works a treat!

Natural Remedy for Folliculitis #2... Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): Apple cider vinegar also works extremely well for folliculitis. It's a powerful health tonic and bacterial and fungal killer that's routinely used to treat and cure various skin infections and skin disorders. To use successfully, you must drink the ACV as well as apply it topically to your folliculitis.

To consume orally, mix 1-2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm filtered water. Add a teaspoon of natural or manuka honey for extra benefit and taste, then drink down. Do this 3 times a day, 20 minutes before each main meal.

For external use, either use straight apple cider vinegar, or if you have sensitive skin, mix equal parts of ACV and water (50/50 ratio). Then using a gauze or cotton balls, apply the mixture to the affected area. Or instead, place the mixture in a spray bottle and use this to spray directly onto your folliculitis. Just be aware that the ACV may sting a little for the first few seconds. Moisturize with some organic virgin coconut oil afterwards (coconut oil is also a potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent). Do this 2-3 times each day and continue until your folliculitis is gone.

NOTE: Make sure that you ONLY use raw organic ACV with the "mother" apple. This is especially important for internal use. Processed vinegars are not healthy and should never be drank, or used on the skin for that matter, as all of the nutrients and crucial health giving properties have been removed. Here's some of the best organic ACV's on the market if you're interested... Raw Organic Apple
Cider vinegar With the Mother

Natural Cure for Folliculitis #3... Turmeric: Like ACV, tumeric also contains some exceptionally strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. And because turmeric is such a powerful anti-inflammatory, it helps to quickly alleviate the pain, inflammation and swelling that's associated with folliculitis. To use tumeric successfully, it should also be taken orally and used topically.

For oral use, you can either purchase turmeric extract supplements or consume the powder (or both). With the supplements, take a minimum of 1500mg's per day. With the powder, 1-2 teaspoons blended in a smoothie or turmeric tea will do the trick. Just remember that turmeric must be taken with black pepper and a fat such as coconut oil (roughly one teaspoon) for absorbability. Here's a delicious tumeric tea recipe that you can use... Turmeric Tea Recipe.

For external benefit, mix some turmeric powder with a little water or coconut oil - just enough to make a paste. Apply this to your folliculitis then wrap with a bandage (to avoid clothing stains). Leave on for 12-14 hours before removing the bandage and showering. Re-apply again after a few hours.

Natural Treatment for Folliculitis #4... Colloidal Silver: Colloidal silver is an extremely potent pathogen killer (anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleansing agent). It's been used successfully for thousands of years for all manner of skin conditions and infections, including folliculitis. The great thing about colloidal silver is it's non-toxic and completely safe for everyone to use. And it begins to work almost immediately!

This is another remedy that you take internally (to kill the infection from the inside) as well as use externally (to destroy the infection from the outside).

For internal use, add 1-2 teaspoons of good quality colloidal silver to a glass of filtered water and drink down (on an empty stomach). Repeat this twice daily for at least 6 weeks to destroy all bacteria and fungus within the body.

For external use, simply apply the colloidal silver without diluting to the affected area using some cotton balls. Or add the colloidal silver to a spray bottle and spray on the affected area. Repeat as often as you like since there is no harm (and the more often you apply it the faster you'll get rid of your folliculitis). Colloidal silver is particularly effective for scalp and beard folliculitis.

Home Remedy for Folliculitis #5.... Alcohol: Alcohol also works well for folliculitis as an external remedy (no you don't get to drink it!) You can use either alcohol soaks, isopropyl (99%) pure alcohol, or if you have some 90 proof vodka, you can use this. Simply apply topically without diluting using some cotton balls directly to your folliculitis and leave on for 20 minutes to half an hour. Alcohol works especially well for scalp folliculitis when it's combined with tea tree oil at a 50/50 ratio.

Some More Do's and Don'ts For Successfully Treating Folliculitis...

Don't use untreated hot tubs or swimming pools. These are a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria and fungus that cause folliculitis.

Do wear loose clothing. Tight clothing irritates the hair follicles and is one of the main causes of folliculitis.

Do practice good personal hygiene. Be sure to cleanse and exfoliate often.

Do change bed sheets often. The bed is one of the worst places for bacterial and fungal growth. You also shed dead skin while you sleep, which then ends up on your bed sheets.

So hopefully these tips and remedies help you out Terry.

Good luck and all the best to you!


Troy (Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist, Health & Wellness Coach)

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Nov 02, 2021
Just what I need!
by: Ted

Thanks for this info on treating folliculitus. It's just what I need right now.

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