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Here at lifesavinghealth.org we always recommend that you don't just take our word for anything you read on this website (or any other natural health website for that matter). It's important that you look for validation and proof on any type of natural treatment you're considering. That's where these expert interviews can help tremendously. 

In this popular section, you'll find interviews with some of the worlds leading experts in the medical and natural health fields. We suggest you listen to their "pearls of wisdom" very closely.

In our very first interviews, we were extremely privileged to have been granted time with legendary author and coral calcium expert, Robert Barefoot (The Calcium Factor), and renowned columnist writer, Rob Pell, from Sunshine Natural Foods.

Then we were just as fortunate to be able to spend time with another legend in the natural health field, Dr Carolyn Dean, along with vaccine and autism expert, Mary Tocco.

Not long after, we managed to get to talk with menopause and anti-aging expert, Dr Maria Kraszynska, out of Chicago and founder and creator of the hugely successful wellnessmama website, Katie Wells.

We then followed up with two more exclusive interviews with cannabis oil advocate and all-round "Mr nice guy", Rick Simpson, and world-renowned health expert and medical genius, Dr Garry Gordon.

Then in March 2016 we got to speak with Dr Patrick Quillin, esteemed author of 17 highly prized books including the phenomenally successful "Beating Cancer with Nutrition", along with interviewing coconut oil expert, Dr Bruce Fife, back in May. Dr Fife has authored over 20 best-selling books and appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs, including FOX NEWS.

In September of the same year I managed to sit down and interview spiritual master and raw food expert and guru, Dr Gabriel Cousens. Dr Cousens is one of the pioneers of the raw food movement and the author/co-author of 8 terrific books including the world-wide smash "There is a Cure for Diabetes".

In January 2017 I spoke with cancer researcher and leading cancer expert, Webster Kehr. Webster is the founder of the #1 alternative health & healing website for cancer, cancertutor.com. His knowledge and expertize on what causes cancer, along with how to treat it successfully is unsurpassed.

That same year, I was also privileged to interview health and wellness legend, Dr Bernie Siegel, and then do his much awaited follow-up interview on the healing power of "love and laughter". Then I also managed to do a second interview with one of my hero's and mentors, Rick Simpson. Rick was in fine form and didn't hold back one bit. All I can say about that interview is... Wow! You have to check it out!

Last year I managed to spend time with best-selling author and medical director at the famous Utopia Wellness Clinic in Florida, Dr Carlos Garcia. Dr Garcia gave some enlightening insights into the amazing ability of the human body to heal itself through natural means.

Last week, I was privileged to interview a man I greatly admire and respect, Ty Bollinger. Ty's the creator and mind behind the world-wide phenomenon "The Truth About Cancer - A Global Quest" documentary series, which has been viewed by over 20 million people online to date (and that number is continuing to grow rapidly). This is definitely one powerhouse interview you don't want to miss!

And just this week, I managed to speak with the delightful, Leigh Erin Connealy M.D. Dr Connealy is the medical director of the largest integrative/functional medical health clinic in North America. She's also a best-selling author and was recently featured in "The Truth About Cancer - A Global Quest" documentary with Ty Bollinger. Dr Connealy shares some astonishing insights into cancer and other health related illnesses in this exciting interview. She certainly knows what she's talking about!  

We will also be posting more "expert interviews" as soon as they come to hand so be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and facebook page so you receive each interview as soon as they're released!

In the meantime, check out and enjoy our powerful interviews with Dr Leigh Erin Connealy, Ty Bollinger, Dr Carlos Garcia, Rick Simpson, Dr Bernie Siegel, Webster Kehr, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Dr Bruce Fife, Patrick Quillin, Dr Garry Gordon, Dr Maria Kraszynska, Mary Tocco, Dr Carolyn Dean, Bob Barefoot, Rob Pell and Katie Wells...

    Robert Barefoot - Coral Calcium and cancer expert. Acclaimed author of the million copy bestsellers "The Calcium Factor" (with Dr. Carl Reich), "Death by Diet", "The Disease Conspiracy" and "Lets Cure Humanity". Record holder for "the most watched informercial" in American TV history.

Rob Pell - Owner of Sunshine Natural Foods and acclaimed writer for major publications. Over 35 years experience in the health and wellness industry and author of the bestselling book "Wellness Uprising".

Dr Carolyn Dean - One of the worlds most respected Medical doctors with over 40 years experience. Dr Dean is also a fully qualified naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist and nutritionist and is the author and co-author of over 30 best-selling books including "The Magnesium Miracle" and "Death by Modern Medicine".

    Mary Tocco - Outspoken researcher on vaccine side effects and causes of autism. Awarded "America's Outstanding Mom" for 2013-2014. Also on the board of directors for the World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE).

    Dr Maria Kraszynska - Highly respected and trusted medical doctor from Chicago Illinois. Dr Kraszynska is a word renowned male and female menopause and anti-aging expert with over 45 years experience. Winner of the prestigious "Patients Choice Award" for exceptional service in 2012.

Katie Wells - Founder and CEO of wellnessmama.com, one of the most successful online natural health websites. With a background in research, journalism and nutrition, Katie is the author of the bestselling books "The Wellness Mama Cookbook" and "The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox".

Rick Simpson - Well-known and highly respected cannabis oil advocate and leader of the legalization movement for cannabis and medical marijuana world-wide. Author of the widely acclaimed books "Nature's Answer to Cancer" and "The Rick Simpson Story". 

Dr Garry Gordon - Distinguished medical doctor, health expert, author, lecturer and original creator of "the safe and effective use of EDTA oral chelation therapy protocol". Dr Gordon has been practising medicine for 57 years, and along with famed author, Dr Morton Walker, published the medically applauded book "The Chelation Answer". 

    Dr Patrick Quillin - Cancer expert and author of 17 bestselling books including the phenomenally successful "Beating Cancer with Nutrition". Dr Quillin's books have sold over 2 million copies combined world wide and he was also featured in the hugely successful "The Truth About Cancer - A Global Quest" series.

Dr Bruce Fife - Coconut oil expert, lecturer and author of over 20 best-selling books including "Stop Alzheimer's Now", "The New Arthritis Cure", "Ketone Therapy" and "The Coconut Ketogenic Diet". One of the first advocates and promoters of the now popular ketogenic diet. 

Dr Gabriel Cousens - American physician (M.D.), homeopath and live food vegan expert. One of the original pioneers of the raw food movement back in the mid 1980's. Author of 8 blockbuster books including "Depression Free for Life", "Conscious Parenting"  and "Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet". 

Webster Kehr - World renowned cancer researcher and leading cancer expert. Board member for the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) and founder of cancertutor.com, one of the top alternative cancer treatment websites on the internet. Also featured in Ty Bollinger's original cancer documentary "The Quest for the Cures". 

Dr Bernie Siegel - Bernie Siegel, M.D. is a New York Times best selling author and internationally recognized medical expert in the field of cancer. Named one of the top 20 "Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet" by the Watkins Review and a "2018 V.I.P. Spiritual Leaders Top Pick" for his work and lifetime achievements. His book "Love Medicine & Miracles" is a cult classic.

Dr Bernie Siegel (2nd Interview) - "The Astonishing Healing Power of Love and Laughter". Dr Siegel believes that the combination of love and laughter can help anyone overcome disease - or any health problem for that matter. In this stunning interview he shares his reasoning's and amazing stories of healing through the power of love and laughter. 

Rick Simpson (2nd Interview) - The legalization of cannabis for medicinal use is currently sweeping the world. And this man is one of the main reasons for this powerful shift. In this "no holds barred" interview, Rick explains more of the amazing medicinal benefits of this stunning plant and why we must make it available to everyone now!

Dr Carlos Garcia M.D. - Bestselling author and medical director at Utopia Wellness Clinic - one of the most successful integrative and holistic focused medical centers in the U.S. Dr Garcia is a veteran practitioner with over 35 years experience in the medical and natural health fields. 

Ty Bollinger - Cancer researcher, best selling author, and creator of the phenomenally successful "The Quest for the Cures", "The Truth About Cancer - A Global Quest", and more recently, "Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia" documentary series. The Truth About Cancer website is also one of the most trafficked sites on the internet. 

Dr Leigh Erin Connealy - Named one of the top 50 integrative & functional medical doctors for 2017. Leigh Erin Connealy M.D. is a 30 year veteran in the medical and holistic health fields and leading cancer authority. Her "Center for New Medicine" clinic is world-class and attracts patients from all over the globe. 

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