5 Natural Remedies to Quit Smoking That Work Like a Charm!

by Alan
(Los Angeles, USA)

Want to finally quit smoking (naturally) without having to resort to harmful pharmaceutical medications or nicotine replacements? Here’s 5 home & herbal remedies to stop smoking that are guaranteed to reduce those awful cravings quickly & effectively…


I’m a long term two pack a day smoker who desperately wants to quit. I’ve tried so many different treatments over the years, both conventional and alternative, but nothing has worked. Do you have any genuine remedies or ways to help me stop smoking? I would be most grateful if you could help. This filthy habit has consumed me for over 30 years and the time has come for me to be rid of it for good. My health and my livelihood depend on it. Thank you and regards, Alan.


Hi Allan. First off, I’m not going to bore you with all the statistics and reasons why smoking is bad for you and what diseases and health problems it causes. I’m sure you and everybody else reading this are already well and truly aware of these. What I am going to say though is that done right, quitting smoking is actually quite an easy thing to do. Yes I know, this probably sounds like a bit of a pie-in-the-sky remark but I guarantee that by the time you’ve finished reading this post and put the recommendations below into practice, you’ll be fully confident that your smoking habit will not only be kicked in no time, you also won’t have any inclinations or cravings to want to go back to it again.

So enough of the chit chat. Let’s get into it…

Natural Remedy to Quit Smoking #1… Horsetail Extract & B Group Vitamins: This should definitely be your first choice for curing your smoking habit fast! Cigarette smoking is actually a form of pica or cribbing disease (nutritional deficiency disease). Pica or cribbing is very common in both humans and animals. When a horse starts chewing the wood from the barn or stable, it’s not doing this because it’s bored, it’s doing it because it’s lacking specific nutrients, particularly minerals. Young kids will eat dirt or the granules out of the kitty litter box when they’re suffering from pica or cribbing. Pregnant women regularly suffer from pica also. While the fetus is growing inside the womb it’s taking valuable nutrients from the mother, which causes her body to crave weird foods such as pickles and ice-cream. All it's doing is trying to (instinctively) replace those lost nutrients.

The discovery of smoking, and in particular, smoking addiction, being caused by pica and cribbing is definitely not something that you’ll hear from the medical profession, but it’s 100% true. When nicotine becomes oxidized it turns into nicotinic acid or vitamin B3. Any chemist or biochemist knows this. Vitamin B3 is crucial for the absorption of other essential nutrients. When you have enough vitamin B3, along with key nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and chromium, pica and cribbing do not occur. In addition to B3, you have silica, an essential mineral that the brain must have in sufficient amounts. In fact, so important is silica to the brain that if it’s not getting enough from the diet, it will “crave” it from other sources. Tobacco is extremely high in silica.

So rather than using nicotine substitutes or other methods (vaping, etc) to try and reduce the cravings, all you need to do is start taking in enough silica and vitamin B3. When you do this, you'll hardly even feel as if you need a cigarette – the cravings just won’t be as strong. In essence, all you’re doing is replacing the nutrients that your body is relying upon from the tobacco using natural methods. This is why you won’t go through those nasty withdrawal symptoms anywhere near as bad as someone who quits cold turkey without using any natural aids.

So the best ways to get these nutrients your body desperately needs is with a combination of horsetail extract (here’s what it looks like) and a B group vitamin supplement. Horsetail extract is rich in silica, along with many of the other essential nutrients. You can take it in either capsule or powdered form. Taking vitamin B3 on its own is not effective as you must have the other B group vitamins to help with absorption. This is why a B group vitamin complex is what you need. For dosage amounts of both the horsetail extract and B group vitamins, simply follow the directions listed on the container.

In addition to these, go out and buy some Himalayan pink rock salt (crystal salt) from your local supermarket. Pink rock salt is incredibly rich in all of the essential minerals your body needs to treat and cure your smoking addiction. Use this salt in your cooking as much as you can and to salt your food to taste (and no, it doesn’t raise your blood pressure in
case you’re wondering).

To read more about the pica/cribbing connection and cure for smoking, I recommend you take the time to read this informative book and expert summation of exactly why and how this occurs… The Natural Cure For Cigarette Smoking.

Home Remedy to Quit Smoking #2… Lobelia: Lobelia is another excellent herb for helping reduce those cigarette cravings. It contains the active ingredient, lobeline, which helps to minimize the negative effects that nicotine has on the body, particularly on the nervous system and brain. Lobelia is especially helpful for clearing out the lungs, which is a must for all smokers. Taking lobelia daily will also make that cigarette taste quite funky and disgusting if you do happen to light one up - so this is an added benefit.

Lobelia is best taken in tincture form… Lobelia Tinctures. This works much quicker and is more longer lasting than the capsules. The recommended dose for lobelia is between 5 and 20 drops 4 times daily on an empty stomach. It does taste a bit pungent so mixing it in a glass of fresh juice or a smoothie is advised.

How to Quit Smoking Remedy #3… Water: Nicotine, is of course, the addictive substance in cigarettes that creates the horrible cravings. The problem is it saturates and accumulates in the body over time, so even once you give up the cigs the nicotine will still be in there. So to reduce and ultimately get rid of those cravings as quickly as possible, you need to flush this toxin out of the body as fast as you can. Drinking lots of good old fashioned H2O is the best way to do this. Water flushes toxins and chemical out of the body better than anything else. Just make sure you only drink clean filtered water though, not tap water. Aim to drink at least 2 liters (half a gallon) each day. And be sure to add a couple of slices of fresh lemon to your water as well for extra benefit (and taste). Lemon juice also helps to detoxify and flush those harmful chemicals out of the body.

Natural Remedy to Quit Smoking #4… Ginger: Ginger is yet another herb that helps with the cravings. It’s high in niacin (vitamin B3), which helps flush nicotine out of the body. In addition to this, ginger is also handy for treating the nausea and stomach upsets that can sometimes occur when you first dump the cigarettes. Best way to get your ginger is to add a few slices of the fresh root to a cup of hot water to make a tea. Steep for half an hour then slowly drink.

Home Remedy to Quit Smoking #5… Read Allan Carr’s Book: Easy Way to Stop Smoking: This is definitely one of the best books, if not THE best book ever written on how to quit smoking naturally. It’s sold over 20 million copies world-wide (and has helped millions of people quit smoking world-wide) for a very good reason… it works!

Allan Car was a heavy chain smoker for 30 years before quitting cold turkey and never going back. He shares his simple strategies in this terrific book. The only thing I don’t agree with is he says not to use any helpful quitting aids including natural supplements and herbs. I believe that if you can take a natural supplement or herb to reduce the cravings then this is definitely going to up your chances of success. Everything else he talks about and recommends in the book is right on the money though.

You can view the PDF version of the book here and download it for free… Easy Way to Stop Smoking, or if you want the original paperback copy then places such as Amazon would be your best source.

Other Tips & Tricks to Help You Give up Smoking Fast…

• Avoid coffee. Coffee can increase cravings. Drink green tea instead, which contains powerful antioxidants and has been shown to help reduce cravings.

• Chew on some licorice root if you feel a craving coming on. Licorice helps kill the urge to smoke.

• Eat an orange if you get the urge to light up a cigarette. Eating an orange or an apple when you feel like a smoke will make the taste of the cigarette unbearable. You won’t be able to finish it.

• Chew on some cardamon seeds. This herb is also an effective remedy for reducing the cravings.

• Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Many smokers who quit and then went back will tell you they did so when under the influence of alcohol. I knew a guy who had quit for 13 years then picked up a cigarette one night in a drunken outage with mates. He was hooked again after this.

So hopefully these tips and remedies help you out Allan.

Good luck and all the best to you!


Troy (Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach/Specialist)

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Jan 17, 2019
It Works!
by: Brian

The horsetail extract/B vitamins and Allan Carr's book are what did it for me. I tried to quit smoking so many times over the years as well. Tried absolutely everything. Still can't believe just how easy it really was following this advice. You're right Alan, smoking really is a filthy habit. I'm so glad to be free of this horrible addiction and I feel so much healthier. And my bank account is also much healthier as well! If you're a smoker, give these tips a go, they definitely work. Never give up trying to quit. I'm living proof that you can do it.

Thanks Troy for such a thorough and brilliant article. You literally saved my life!

Cheers, Brian.

Jan 17, 2019
by: Troy

You're very welcome Brian. Glad they helped and that you're now an "ex-smoker".

All the best to you! :)

May 29, 2019
Can I do both step 1 and 2?
by: Kayla

I was wondering if I can take the horsetail, a B group vitamin and the Lobelia? Will this help my chances?

May 29, 2019
Reply to Kayla
by: Troy

Absolutely Kayla. Don't forget about using the tips in Allan Carr's book as well. A friend of mine who was a chain smoker for 40 years has now been cigarette free for 12 months (a massive accomplishment for this person) since reading and applying diligently Allan's recommendations.

Hope this helps.

Good luck and all the best to you! :)

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