6 Powerful Reasons Why You Need CBD Oil In Your Medicine Cabinet...

by Trysh Sutton

CBD hemp oil is one of the most potent substances known to man. It's unique ability to prevent, treat and cure many of today's most common diseases and afflictions makes it one of the "must have" supplements to have in your medicine cabinet. Here's why...

Some people think that CBD oil is simply marijuana, but it is in fact primarily obtained from the hemp plant, which has almost no THC (the psychotropic compound contained in the cannabis plant). CBD will not leave you "stoned" with the munchies. It does in fact have many beneficial uses. There are several ways in which the oil can be applied and used to treat ailments. Oil blends in creams or lotions, capsules, tinctures, smoking/vaping, or ingesting it in food or drinks, including candy, are some of the most popular ways. People may of course prefer one form over another depending on their condition.

The following are the most common uses for CBD hemp oil...

1. Insomnia:
For insomnia or restlessness, either smoking or a tincture is preferred. While there is no “high”, it provides a sense of calm, allowing a person to slow their thoughts and achieve sound sleep. CBD also relaxes the body. Start off with a smaller dose than is recommended if you are concerned about the effects. The worst that can happen with too much CBD oil is a dry mouth or some lightheadedness.

2. Pain Relief:
For localized pain such as sore muscles or arthritis, CBD creams work very well. Find a supplier that tests the strength of its CBD products. Stronger products may cost a bit more, but if you need serious pain relief, get the good stuff. Capsules or CBD candies usually provide better relief for more widespread pain or back pain.

3. Reduced Anxiety:
Whether you have full on social anxiety disorder or are just having a bad day, CBD oil can help calm anxiety with little to no side effects. Some
people even say it helps them to focus better since they no longer have the distractions of anxious thoughts.

4. Relieve Nausea:
If you are prone to motion sickness when flying or travelling in a car, CBD oil can help relieve the nausea. Many patients use it to counter the side effects of nausea from chemotherapy or other drug treatments. Capsules or tinctures work well for this, especially if you are a smoker and are in a non-smoking environment like an aeroplane and are having withdrawal/nausea symptoms!

5. Headaches and Migraines:
Probably everyone has experienced a headache at some point in their life. While migraines are not as common, they are much more painful. CBD works very well as a headache treatment and is even used as a replacement for opioid-based painkillers. Tinctures or edibles work best for this and will have a longer lasting effect than smoking or vaping.

6. Blood Pressure:
While nobody should take it upon themselves to treat their own high blood pressure, CBD oil has been shown to reduce resting blood pressure in a study performed and approved by the University of Nottingham Faculty of Medicine Ethics Committee in Helsinki. Amazingly, the test subjects in this study had a reduction in their blood pressure after only one 600mg dose of CBD!

CBD is legal in the United States, and because of this more research is being done to find out all of its potential uses and benefits. The more information people have about this oil, the more it can stand apart from the stoner crowd and improve people’s lives. As always, make sure you do your own thorough research into finding the best CBD oil for yourself.

About the author:

Trysh Sutton is a wife, mother, attorney, interior decorator, strategic leader and owner of Pure Path Essential Oils. She has an eye for business, innovation and perfection - and a desire to help her family, friends and herself live a healthy and happy life.

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by: Troy (Admin)

There's just so many health benefits and potential uses tied to the hemp plant, and in particular, CBD oil. Cancer is a big one. Many women with ER+ or triple-positive breast cancers are getting amazing results from using CBD. Estrogen positive breast cancers seem to respond very positively to low THC, high CBD concentrations.

Of course, breast cancer is not the only cancer that CBD works well for. Virtually all forms of cancers respond well to CBD treatment. New research has discovered that CBD may even help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease.

And lets not forget about CBD for treating epilepsy. Wow! Astonishing results for so many epileptic patients. Remember Charlotte Figi? This poor little girl was suffering more than 300 grand mal seizures a week, but after her parents put her on CBD oil, she now only has two or three seizures a month, mostly in her sleep.


You are definitely right Trysh, making sure you use a high quality and tested CBD product is crucial. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights with us! :)

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