A Home Remedy for an Ingrown Toenail That Works Every Time!

by Stephanie
(London, UK)

Here's a simple ingrown toenail cure that works like a charm, along with other home remedies for preventing and fixing ingrown toenails that you definitely must consider...


I have an ingrown toenail that is giving me hell and causing a lot of pain. Are there any proven home treatments or remedies that I can use to get rid of it permanently? I definitely do not want to have surgery!
Thank you.


Developing an ingrown toenail (onychocryptosisis) is a fairly common condition. When this occurs, the corners or sides of the nail grow into the soft flesh/skin. This causes obvious pain, swelling and redness in and around the affected area. The big toe is the main toe that's usually affected, however, any of your toes nails can grow inward. People who suffer from diabetes or poor blood flow to the feet are at a higher risk of developing an ingrown toenail. Thankfully, fixing this problem quickly and enjoying some welcome pain relief is easy when using a few simple natural or home remedies.

Here's 5 of the best that you might like to consider...

Home Remedy for Ingrown Toenail #1... V Cut: This old grandma folk remedy should definitely be your first "go to" treatment for an ingrown toenail. Simply take a pair of good quality nail cutters or nail scissors and cut a "v" shape out of the middle of the nail. For clarification, the point of the v will face towards you (exactly as it is now) when you make the cut. Just go deep enough so you reach the underskin of your nail and no further. You don't want to cut the skin and make it bleed. Make sure it's in the middle of the nail. Some people get confused with which way to make the cut and how big/deep to go so it's actually a good idea to draw the v on your toenail before you make the cut, just to be sure.

What this cutting of the nail does is it relieves the pressure and tension on the nail and stops it from digging into the soft flesh at the sides and corners. You'll actually notice some amazing relief from the pain and inflammation in just a few short hours - it works that quickly. The nail will now start growing towards the center and away from the sides. The great thing about this remedy is the relief you get is long term (permanent) rather than a short lived reprieve.

Home Treatment for Ingrown Toenail #2... Epsom Salt or Hydrogen Peroxide Soak: The reason why you should carry out an Epsom salt or HP soak every day is due to the risk of infection. Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide are powerful disinfectants and are also great for helping to relieve the inflammation.

For the Epsom salt soak simply add 1-2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to a small tub or foot tub filled with warm water. Soak your feet in this for 20-30 minutes then dry completely afterwards. Do this once a day. With the hydrogen peroxide, add
1/2 cup of the 35% HP solution to a foot tub or average size bucket and fill with clean warm water. Soak your feet/foot in this solution for 20-30 minutes then pat dry. Do this once or twice per day.

Natural Remedy for Ingrown Toenail #3... Cotton Ball/Dental Floss Wedge Under the Nail: This home treatment is actually recommended by Dr Oz. To get the most out of the cotton ball/dental floss remedy we recommend you apply this after your Epsom salt or HP foot soak. The foot soak is crucial for this treatment to work effectively as it softens the toenail and surrounding skin.

So while your toenail(s) are soft, place a cotton ball or dental floss under your ingrown toenail. Be sure to use fresh bits of cotton or dental floss under the ingrown edge after each Epsom salt or HP soak. This practice will help the nail eventually grow above the skins edge. Make sure you change the cotton or floss daily until the pain and inflammation are gone. We also recommend applying some tea tree oil to the cotton ball or dental floss before placing it under your toenail - to get rid of any germs or infection that may still be lingering. It will only take about a week at the most to completely cure your ingrown toenail using this method.

Natural Cure for Ingrown Toenail #4... Castor Oil: Castor oil contains some potent healing chemicals and essential nutrients. In fact, it's a powerful remedy for virtually all nail problems! Castor oil also helps to strengthen the nails to treat and cure cracked and chipped nails (brittle nails) along with hangnails. A few drops of hexane free organic castor oil applied to the affected area morning and night will do the trick.

Home Remedy for Ingrown Toenail #5... Good Footwear: One of the main causes of ingrown toenails is poor fitting or overly tight footwear. Shoes that are tight fitting or place too much pressure on the toes can cause the outer nail to grow into the surrounding skin. Open-toed sandals or shoes are your best option. These allow the toe to "breathe" and heal much quicker. Soft fabric shoes with plenty of toe room are also a good option.

Some Extra Tips for Treating and Curing Ingrown Toenails...

- Keep your feet dry as much as possible
- Maintain good foot hygiene by washing regularly
- Avoid wearing socks or shoes while at home to give your toes a rest and let in the air for healing
- Wear good footwear and cotton socks only when you need to
- Trim your nails regularly

So there you have it! The top 5 ways to successfully prevent, treat and cure ingrown toenails.

Hope they manage to help you Stephanie.

All the best!


Troy (Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist, Health & Wellness Coach)

P.S. If you have toenail fungus accompanying your ingrown toenail (these two very often go together) then you might like to check out our article on nail fungus cures. Here's the link... Best Natural Cures for Toenail Fungus.

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Jul 19, 2022
First 3 Remedies
by: Anita

The first three remedies listed here worked really well for me. You have to stay consistent though. I'm now using the castor oil to strengthen my nail and get it healthy again. Kudos to Troy for sharing these handy tips. 😉

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