Best Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain...

There are a few orthodox (and unorthodox) arthritis treatments that are laughed at by the medical profession. It should be noted, however, that many people swear by their effectiveness!

Here are the top natural remedies for arthritis pain and inflammation that you may want to consider...

Article by Troy Sawyer (Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Sports Nutritionist)

Updated June 29, 2024 -- This post contains affiliate links  

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Vitamin E: This essential vitamin inhibits the production of prostaglandins, the pain inducing substances which exacerbate arthritis symptoms.

In one study, 50 patients were given either vitamin E or a placebo. The vitamin E group reported significant pain relief and were able to use less of their pain medication. In another study, researchers did a similar thing except after 10 days they switched the vitamin E pill over to the placebo group and vice versa, without the patient’s knowledge. Amazingly, the vitamin E still gave excellent pain relief in 52% of patients compared to 1% for the placebo group. 1

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is crucial for the production of collagen. As you will remember from our #2 arthritis treatment article, collagen helps to rebuild bone cartilage and stops the body from attacking its own joints, as is the case with osteoarthritis.

You will receive some vitamin C from your cereal grass (see #8 remedy), along with some of the other foods and supplements you'll already be taking. However, you can never have too much of this vitamin, especially for arthritis relief, so you may need to look at extra supplementation. Dr. Linus Pauling actually recommended that we take at least 10,000 mg’s of vitamin C every day so don’t ever be afraid of overdosing! 

Vitamin A: Your body needs plenty of vitamin A, along with zinc and copper, to form collagen and connective tissue. You'll receive some vitamin A and beta carotene (the body converts beta carotene to vitamin A), along with zinc and copper, from your cereal grass and colloidal minerals, but this may not be enough. You can buy vitamin A quite easily in supplemental form and can take up to 2,800 micrograms (9,4000 IU's) a day in complete safety. 

Vitamin B6, B1 and B12: Most older arthritis sufferers are chronically deficient in vitamin B6 and are strongly advised to consume extra amounts. Some of the symptoms of a B6 deficiency include tingling, stiffness and pain in the hands.

Studies have also shown that B1 and B12 increase the effectiveness of pain killing drugs, which in turn allows patients to take a much lower dose. So it's wise to make sure you get enough of these crucial vitamins as well. 

SAM-e: SAM-e has been shown in multiple studies to be more effective at treating the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis than NSAID’s (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) - and with fewer adverse effects.2 It helps relieve the pain, stiffness and swelling of the joints along with helping to rebuild bone cartilage. It's actually considered by many alternative health practitioners to be one of the most successful arthritis treatments. The other benefit is it begins to work very quickly (usually within a week). 

For SAM-e to be effective, you need to take a dosage of around 1200 mg a day, and it must be taken in conjunction with B group vitamins. In some countries such as the United States, it’s available as a natural supplement, while in other countries it’s considered medication, so you may need a Doctor’s prescription. Here's what it looks like if you're interested... SAM-e

More Powerful (But Unorthodox) Alternative Remedies for Arthritis...

Pineapple Juice: Pineapples are a rich source of the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain. For arthritis pain relief, drink one or two glasses of pineapple juice a day, along with eating plenty of the fruit.

Colloidal Gold: Colloidal gold is regularly used to treat acute arthritis, even by mainstream medicine. However, with the price of gold about to soar (and the fact that there's a massive shortage of available gold in the world) I’m not sure how much longer we'll be able to get our hands on this precious metal!

Gin and Raisins: This is probably one of the weirdest, yet at the same time, one of the most powerful unorthodox arthritis treatments there is. So don’t knock it until you at least give it a try!

Using three small glasses fill each with 9 golden raisins (not regular raisins) and pour over just enough gin to cover them. Set them up in a row and leave for 3 days. After 3 days, eat the raisins from the first glass in the line then refill with gin and raisins again. Put that glass to the end and each day eat the oldest raisins, continuing to refill and move the glasses along from oldest to newest. It usually only takes about 3 days to be completely pain free!

Drink Ionized Water: Water straight from the tap is full of deadly chemicals, pathogens, waste products, fluoride and other heavy metals. These toxic substances love to accumulate in the joints and wreak havoc. So never drink water straight from the tap!

Filtered water is far better and much safer, but if you really want to be arthritis free for good then you should look at drinking ionized water. Tap water, distilled water and even most bottled waters are very acidic. And acid causes severe inflammation of the joints!

Ionized water, on the other hand, is alkaline. If you remember from our #3 arthritis article (cereal grass and green tea) osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are unable to thrive or even survive in an alkaline environment.

You can easily buy ionized water filters online. We do admit they aren’t cheap. But if your budget allows for it, these powerful water filters are well worth the investment.  

Vegetable Juices: Certain vegetable juices are potent arthritis treatments and inflammation relievers. Some of the best include; carrot, celery and cabbage juice. Radish and garlic are also useful, along with beets and cucumber. Always go organic if you possibly can and avoid citrus fruits and vegetables from the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and some peppers) as these can actually cause swelling and exacerbate arthritis symptoms in some sufferers. Get yourself a juice extractor, or even better, a Nutribullet or Nutri Ninja, and make yourself a healthy vegetable juice smoothie for breakfast each morning! 

Foods You Want to Avoid for Arthritis...

You now know that you should avoid foods from the nightshade family if you have arthritis (of course you will need to test and experiment first to see if they do affect you), but there are other foods you should also avoid if you want to enjoy permanent relief from your arthritis. The main ones (no real suprizes) are refined foods, refined sugars and processed foods, which of course includes all junk food.

Stick With the "KISS" Principle (Keep it Simple Stupid!)...

So this one is really easy… anything that's made by man is no good and anything that comes from nature in its purest form is okay. Of course, there are exceptions to this “anything that comes from nature is good for you” rule, some of which include; coffee, caffeinated tea (except green tea), salt (except pink rock salt) and tobacco, but I think you get the generalized idea.

You should also try and limit the amount of red meat you eat. Red meat contains uric acid, which aggravates arthritis symptoms. And definitely no processed meats of any kind should be eaten (sorry all you salami lovers!). These awful meats contain some highly toxic additives such as sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite.

And yes, I know this is probably going to sound very boring but the most important foods you need to be eating lots of are fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, nuts, whole grains and organic eggs!

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