Best Drinking Water Filters!

by Kumar
(Melbourne, Australia)


Hi, I am wondering what is the best water filtration system available on the market that I can use to eliminate the heavy metals + toxic chemicals contained in our tap water? Thanks. Kumar.


Hello Kumar, and thank you for your question regarding finding the best water filtration system.

The fact is, there are so many water filters on the market now (all claiming to be the best) that it's hard to know where to start or which one to choose. Some are relatively cheap while others are quite expensive, so the one you choose will most likely depend on your personal financial situation.

There are really only 5 options available if you don't want to drink chemically laced tap water (which you shouldn't!) Here they are from worst to best...

#1. Bottled Water: Definitely the worst option. Analyses of many brands of bottled water found most are no different to tap water and still contain harmful chemicals (the chemicals from the plastic leaches into the water). Bottled water is also expensive and produces millions of tons of plastic waste every year (and damage to the environment).

#2. Carafe or Pitcher Style Filters: These are the least effective water filters and only remove around 5 contaminants. Better than nothing of course, but for what you pay for new cartridges, this option works out to be expensive.

#3. Distilled Water: With distilled water, all heavy metals and contaminants are removed. The problem is all essential minerals are also removed. Distilled water is also acidic to the body, so drinking it long term is not a good choice.

#4. Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis filters are an okay
option. They do a great job of filtering out most of the contaminants from your tap water (including fluoride), however, they also filter out all essential minerals. So if you were to use one of these it would be a good idea to add the essential minerals back into the water afterwards. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are also slow (takes around an hour to filter a gallon of water) and they waste a lot of water in the process (more water than what they produce).

#5. Granular Carbon and Solid Block Carbon Filters: These are the best. Recognized by the EPA as the top water filtration system available for removing organic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and industrial chemicals. They easily remove all chemicals, bacteria, parasites, pesticides, fluoride (when used with a filter attachment), heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites. Costly up front but very cost effective after this as the filters don't need changing very often. Berkey make the top of the wozza solid block carbon filters. Once you have one of these (and taste just how amazing and clean the water is) you'll never go back to drinking ordinary water again. I guarantee it! A recent analyses by CWC labs on all the popular water filtration systems found Berkey to be number one. Here's the percentages of the main heavy metals it was found to remove...

Aluminium: 86.6%
Copper: 100.0%
Arsenic: 100.0%
Strontium: 100.0%
Cadmium: 100.0%
Cesium: 98.6%
Mercury: 99.8%
Lead: 100.0%
Uranium: 100.0%

Here's what a Berkey filtration system looks like if you're interested... Big Berkey Water Filtration Systems.

Hope this helps you out Kumar.

Good luck and all the best to you!


Troy (Admin).

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Feb 06, 2017
Drinking Potable Water
by: Sidney Coad Williams

I harvest my own rain water and store it in two plastic water tanks. Before I drink it I boil it and filter it. Tap water contains chlorine to kill germs, along with fluoride (leaving one to drink water containing a poison and dead and decaying germs). Rain water is clean and completely contaminate free.

Feb 16, 2017
by: Troy (Admin)

Yes you are right Sidney. Rain water is pure and fresh, exactly the way nature intended us to drink it!

Mar 12, 2018
Rain water purity
by: Anonymous

I believe that the rain water purity depends on the quality of the particle it condenses on. Also, rain water is no different than distilled water, as this is exactly what water vapor condensing on a particle in the atmosphere is. It pays to have natural materials so that the grounded or body of water it lands on when it rains is natural and pure.

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