Best Natural Remedies for Blepharospasm (Eye Twitching)...

by TM Premkumar
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)


My wife has been undergoing treatment for Glaucoma for about three years or so. Of late there has been blinking in both her eyes, a condition the eye specialist treating her says is Blepharospasm. She has been taking Magnesium tablets 400 mg daily, and also using Magnesium oil twice a day. Would you mind suggesting any natural treatment to tide over this condition of hers. She is very depressed at the moment. We are from India and are now living in Brisbane, Australia. Her blinking has become severe since we came to Brisbane, though it was very mild while we were in India. We thought it could be because of the winter weather here. She has dry eyes and has been on refresh tear drops for about a year or so. We would be really be grateful to your good self if you could advise us. With warm regards.


Hi TM Premkumar, and thank you for your question regarding natural treatments for blepharospasm.

The main cause of blepharospasm (eye twitching) is a calcium, magnesium and potassium deficiency. Your wife is using a transdermal magnesium spray so this is a good start (make sure she sprays 15-20 sprays all over her body for best results). However, you don't say what type of magnesium tablet she is taking? Make sure it is magnesium
citrate for high absorption.

This is very important.

Also, you need calcium with the magnesium for this remedy to work. Coral calcium is highly effective and contains the right ratio of calcium to magnesium (2 to 1). If you cannot find coral calcium then a good calcium/magnesium liquid supplement will work. Just make sure that whatever brand you buy contains added vitamin D for maximum absorption.

Organic apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium so one to two tablespoons mixed in a glass of filtered water and taken twice daily will help tremendously as well.

The B group vitamins, particularly folate, B6 and B12 are also essential for correct muscle and nerve function and eye health so make sure she's getting enough of these.

Finally, go out and buy some tonic water and have your wife drink a liter a day (this folk remedy really works). It takes about a week or two to do the job, but her eye twitching will definitely be gone! Then to keep those eye twitches away for good, continue to drink 1-2 oz of tonic water each day.

You can read more about these remedies here... How to Stop Eye Twitching Naturally.

Hope this helps you TM Premkumar.

Good luck and all the best to you.


Troy (Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist, Health & Wellness Coach, Sports Nutritionist)

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Mar 17, 2016
by: Anonymous

Can the tonic water be used with the apple cider vinegar?

Mar 18, 2016
by: Troy (Admin)

It's better to keep them separate. Have the ACV mixed in a glass of warm filtered water and drink the tonic water at different times throughout the day (separate to your apple cider vinegar) for best results.

Hope this helps.

All the best!

Aug 31, 2016
Ratio of Calcium to Magnesium?
by: Anonymous

You mention coral calcium, or I guess any other calcium, but the ration is 50 to 1. Does this really mean 50 times larger than 1 for the ratio. In other words if you were taking 400 mg of magnesium you would actually need 50 times 400 mg of calcium? This doesn't seem right. I came upon your article and am anxious to start the regimen, but I have to know if this is correct. Thank you very much.

I will look on your page soon to see your response.

Mary Lou

Sep 01, 2016
by: Troy (Admin)

Hi Mary Lou. Firstly, the ratio of calcium/magnesium listed in the above article of 50 to 1 was incorrect. This was a typo error. It should have read 2 to 1 (which we have now changed). I sincerely apologise for this mistake.

The coral calcium is highly absorbable because of this ratio, along with the fact that it contains many of the essential trace minerals necessary for the absorption of calcium and magnesium. So try and take this if you can.

With the transdermal magnesium oil, you don't need calcium or trace minerals because this form of magnesium is absorbed straight through the pores of the skin, bypassing the liver (and so it doesn't need other nutrients to help with assimilation), therefore providing 100% absorption.

A combination of a transdermal magnesium spray, coral calcium and ACV will give you all the calcium, magnesium and potassium you need to fix your eye twitching (and any other muscle spasms you may be suffering from) for good.

Finally, if you're interested in making up your own transdermal magnesium spray, rather than purchasing the more expensive pre-mixed varieties, here's how to do this (and save yourself a heap of money)...

-What You’ll Need

1/2 cup of Magnesium Bath Flakes (like these)

1/2 cup of Distilled Water

Glass Bowl

Spray Bottle to Store the Mixture


Boil the ½ cup of distilled water and tip into the glass bowl

Add the ½ cup of magnesium chloride bath flakes

Stir the mixture until the bath flakes are dissolved.

Leave to cool then store in the spray bottle

-How to Use

Spray the oil on your arms, legs, and stomach once to twice daily using 10-15 sprays per application. You’ll find it can tingle on your skin, especially the first few times you use it. This is normal and means it’s working. Leave on for at least an hour before showering. Use a natural skin moisturizer afterwards.

Hope this helps you Mary Lou.

All the best to you!

Oct 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hi Mary Lou. Did this help ?

Oct 05, 2016
Cal, Mag and Vitamin D
by: MinaTrinity

I have had eye muscle spasms for two years and finally was diagnosed with blepharospasm. As BEB has no actual cure according to neurologists, I am eager to try your recommendation of cal, mag and potassium supplements. I started with (cal 315mg, mag 265mg, Vit D3 133iu) x 3 times a day. Vit D3 is because it enables the absorption of Calcium. Is the ratio correct? Would one banana a day be sufficient for potassium?

Oct 05, 2016
by: Troy

Hi Mina. The type of supplement you take is crucial. Calcium and magnesium are very poorly absorbed through the body, which is why you should consider coral calcium with added vitamin D... Coral Calcium Plus Vitamin D. Coral calcium is highly absorbable and very cost effective. One banana a day is not going to supply enough potassium. The liquid ACV is crucial for this as it's rich in potassium, along with other essential nutrients needed for absorption. You should also use a transdermal magnesium oil spray. Magnesium is the most important mineral for treating twitching and spasm problems hands down! Have a read of the reply to Mary Lou above on how to easily make up your own spray and how to use it.

Follow these steps and you'll find in 3-6 months your eye twitching will be a thing of the past!

All the best. :)

Oct 19, 2016
by: Carolyn

You say that calcium will help blepharospasm. I have been on this supplement for over 20 years, taking 1500mg with magnesium and vitamin D, yet my blinking and force closure is worse than ever?

Oct 21, 2016
by: Troy

What type of calcium and magnesium are contained in the supplement you're taking Carolyn? Can you list the exact ingredients?

Feb 07, 2017
Fingers crossed
by: Tammy

Thank you for the recommendations. I have been suffering from this since I was 16 and it has gotten increasingly worse as I get older. I am going to try this and see if it helps....thanks again!

Feb 09, 2017
Blepharospasm since 2003
by: Kay

Hi. I stumbled across your information today. I have been getting Botox injections for blepharospasm every 10-12 weeks for almost 14 years. My Neurologist should roll out the red carpet each time I arrive (considering the $2800 to $3800 charge each visit).

Thankfully, I only pay a copay, but the fact the insurance company is paying out this huge amount to 'Big Pharma Botox' is crazy. I'm very interested in holistic vs modern medicine. Can you PLEASE tell me what to take?

Within the last 6 months, I've reduced the injections from 30 (eye area and neck) to only about 12 because my sister is a massage therapist, and has loosened up so many of the muscles that affected my neck (couldn't chew) and face. Thank you!

Feb 16, 2017
Reply to Tammy
by: Troy

You're welcome Tammy. Hope it helps!

Feb 16, 2017
Reply to Kay
by: Troy

Hi Kay. Wow! Botox injections certainly aren't cheap!

Along with the recommendations listed above, drinking tonic water every day is also incredibly effective for treating eye twitching. Drink anywhere from between 1-2 liters of tonic water daily (spaced throughout the day) for 7-10 days and you'll see the difference it makes. Anytime you feel your blepharospasm returning after this, simply start drinking some tonic water again!

Hope this helps.

All the best to you!

Jun 30, 2017
by: Shah

What is tonic water? Where would it be available?

Jul 05, 2017
by: Troy

You can buy tonic water from your local supermarket in the cool drink/soda section. :)

Oct 06, 2017
by: Abhas

Instead of quinine sulphate (tonic water) can this be replaced by Reshochin tablets (chloroquinine)?

Oct 12, 2017
by: Troy

Not sure to be honest Abhas. We've never heard of anyone using Reshochin tablets for eye twitching. :)

Dec 31, 2017
Tonic water
by: Anonymous

I am thrilled to see your recommendations for curing blepharospasm. I have ordered the supplements and shopped today to buy tonic water. I was somewhat dismayed to see one of its main ingredient being high-fructose corn syrup. This does not say "healthy" to me. Can you give me some guidance on this?

Jan 02, 2018
by: Troy

There are many different tonic waters available. Go for one of the healthier brands such as Fever Tree... Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water and stay clear of the ones that contain high fructose corn syrup. :)

Oct 11, 2021
Tonic Water
by: Anonymous

Is it unsafe to drink large amounts of tonic water? I have a persistent eye twitch and I have just started drinking tonic water and it relieves it for a while. Do I just keep drinking it even though it isn't going away?

Oct 17, 2021
by: Troy

We recommend drinking a liter of tonic water for a week to 10 days then drop down to around 2 ounces per day as a maintenance dose. This works very well and is completely safe. Just make sure you don't miss a day and use the tonic water in conjunction with the other remedies for best results.

Hope this helps.

Good luck and all the best to you! 😊

Oct 18, 2021
Tonic water
by: Anonymous

Ok thank you. I didn't feel it twitch all day yesterday and then cut down to one glass at night and it seems to be coming back a bit today. Can quinine in tonic water make your ears ring or is this something only really high amounts would cause? Just worried about the side effects.

Oct 18, 2021
Reply to " Tonic Water" Comment
by: Troy

The side effects you may have read about (probably from a medical website) would only occur if you drank VERY HIGH amounts of tonic water containing quinine every day for months on end! The amount we recommend is perfectly safe. 😊

Oct 19, 2021
Tonic water
by: Anonymous

Ok thank you. It's not working for me as my twitch will be good some days and then it will come back? I'm at maintenance phase of drinking one glass at night. Should I be drinking more? I drank a litre a day for about 5 days and then dropped it back.

Nov 02, 2021
by: Troy

You can drink more than one glass per day no problems. Also, try not to drink it all at once. For instance, break the amount down to 3 times a day rather than one full glass at night. Don't forget the magnesium too, which is crucial. :)

Aug 15, 2023
I have had blepharospasm for 4 years, due to intoxication with the drug Haldol Decanoate.
by: Gabriel

Hello Troy!
I've had Blepharospasm for years and I've been doing a lot of research on how to cure this disease. I know that butolinum toxin does not cure blepharospasm, it is only palliative.
I saw that you recommend taking tonic water, organic apple cider vinegar, also taking coral calcium and the transdermal spray. How soon can I heal with these habits? Do you have any more food tips? Like eating liver meat, or even doing intermittent fasting, which also has benefits. Do you think it would be worth doing the butolinic toxin, or going for the natural part? Thanks!

Aug 28, 2023
Reply to Gabriel
by: Troy

Hi Gabriel. As far as the butolinum toxin treatment goes, I'm not a fan (my opinion only of course). The risk/side effects can be quite nasty. The remedies we recommend definitely work, and can start working quite quickly. You really need to get those calcium, magnesium and potassium levels (particularly magnesium) back up to optimum levels. This is what will take the longest to achieve. Fasting is certainly very good too and will help to detox your body. Eating "clean" is also crucial. Plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs.

Hope this helps.

Good luck and all the best to you! 😊

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