Best Remedy for Occasional A-Fib Heart Palpitations?

by Marilyn

Want to stop those A-Fib heart palpitations naturally rather than going with the drugs or surgery option? Here's how...


I have "a-fib rapid heart palpitations" occasionally- once every 2 months or so. This is a symptom associated with Graves Disease, which I have.

I am 63 yrs old. I have been told that at 65 yrs old AMA doctors automatically put you on blood thinners. I am in excellent health otherwise. I would like to know if there is a natural alternative to blood thinners?

Love your website too!! Thanks for all of the valuable information.


Hi Marilyn, and thank you for your nice comments. We really appreciate them.

Now, in regards to a natural alternative to blood thinners, there are three excellent and extremely healthy alternatives!

The first is a "green food" such as chlorella, spirulina or wheat grass. These amazing foods don't just thin the blood, they CLEANSE and purify the blood. This is extremely important for healthy circulation and for general good health. Find yourself a good quality chlorella, spirulina or wheat grass supplement to take every day, or even better, an all in one supplement. Here's a good one if you're interested.

The second two foods that are great for thinning the blood are onions and cayenne pepper. Onions are actually an old folk blood thinning remedy that's been used for centuries, so make sure you eat plenty of onions and add them to your cooking as much as possible. Cayenne pepper doesn't just help to thin the blood, it increases blood flow and is extremely good for the heart.

So once again, eat plenty of hot spicy foods that contain chilli peppers and mix half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a smoothie (with your green food is good) and consume every day. If you do find the cayenne pepper too hot, you can buy cayenne pepper capsules and take these instead.

Hope this helps you out.

All the best to you!


Troy (Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist, Health & Wellness Coach, Sports Nutritionist).

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Apr 05, 2016
Arterial Fib, Chlorella and Vitamin K
by: Felicia

I found through research that chlorella is contraindicated for people with AFIB due to its high Vitamin K content which is a coagulant. Seems smart to do green, but I am worried about the Vitamin K.

Apr 07, 2016
by: Troy (Admin)

An interesting thing about vitamin K is it helps with blood clotting but it doesn't actually thicken or thin the blood! This is a crucial point Felicia because even most doctors don't understand this. A food such as chlorella has other substances that naturally (and safely) thin the blood, along with vitamin C and bioflavonoids which strengthen blood vessels and the heart. If you're on dangerous blood thinning medications such as Warfarin then you would need to check with your health care professional first before taking chlorella. If you're not on blood thinning medications then chlorella is safe and so is vitamin K. You can read this article by well known doctor turned holistic therapist, Dr Cynthia Foster, for more information on this... Dangers of Prescription Blood Thinners: And Safer Alternatives.

Hope this helps Felicia.

All the best to you.

Apr 10, 2016
Atrial Fib, Chorella and Vitamin K
by: Felicia

Thank you so much for responding and clearing that up for me. I appreciate it immensely.

Apr 10, 2016
Atrial Fib, Chorella and Vitamin K
by: Felicia

I read your article. I do not care for allopathic doctors. They have let me down more times than I can say and I'm currently unable to afford seeing a complementary/alternative doctor. For this reason, I am pursuing and establishing alternative protocols. I am wanting to address a-fib by treating poor conductivity and mis-firing using Arjuna, Hawthorn Berry and Extracts, magnesium, silica, Taurine, as well as others. I will be adding chlorella back in as well, especially since I am also detoxing from toxic mold exposure, which I have a sneaking suspicion has contributed to the A-Fib. Thanks again for the clarification.

Apr 11, 2016
by: Troy

You're very welcome Felicia. Hope it benefits you.

Good luck and all the best to you!

Aug 05, 2017
AF and raw foods
by: David of Sydney

I've got AF and I'm scared of warfarin. I tried natto and tumeric because they're supposed to be natural blood thinners then I realised that the AF went away when I ate raw food. It really seems to work. Wheatgrass and some raw broccoli and tumeric for breakfast and my heart is smooth as a drum. Roasted nuts and fried felafel balls for dinner, supposedly healthy nuts and chickpeas but cooked, and my heart is thumping away. Yes it's not that scientific, but I think I may have found something here.

Aug 11, 2017
by: Troy

A raw food diet is still one of the best overall health and longevity eating plans that you can implement in my opinion. Yes indeed, you may very well be onto something David!

Thanks for sharing your story! :)

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