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We are extremely privileged to be able to bring you a tremendous interview with one of the true legends in the health and longevity field. Bob Barefoot has been helping people to live longer, healthier lives and beat diseases such as cancer for over 3 decades. He is the author of the hugely successful books "The Calcium Factor", "Death by Diet", "The Disease Conspiracy" and "Lets Cure Humanity". Bob also has two informative websites barefootandhealthy and barefootscureamericaalong with his popular Coral Calcium Facebook page. When we contacted Bob for this interview he instantly agreed (free of charge too by the way) and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his time and generosity.

Now, on with the interview!

1. Hi Bob, thanks so much for joining us today. We know you have a very busy schedule and we really do appreciate you taking the time to speak with us. Please take this opportunity to tell us about your recent website and what you’re up to at the moment?

Regarding my website  "", it was created to introduce the general public to nutrient products that I endorse and to allow those who are interested to view many of my interviews. I also have an information only web site, "" where I introduce my family. Currently I am living in Costa Rica as the FDA and IRS want to put me in jail for telling people that they can cure themselves.

2. Well Bob, you've certainly copped your fair share of criticism over the years for openly speaking out against the corruption within the Pharmaceutical industry and FDA, along with actively promoting the benefits of nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D for preventing and treating disease. So how do you personally handle that criticism? What drives you to continue to go out there and “preach the good word”, so to speak, even though you know someone is probably going to write a nasty comment about you? 

If you boot my name “Bob Barefoot” on the internet, you will get millions of hits, half of which are negative. The fact that the other half is very positive is the reason that the FDA, AMA and the drug industry pay enormous amounts of money to people who will write negative comments. I also get thousands of emails, phone calls and letters from people who say that they love me, and that keeps me going. Six years ago, a man called me because his two month old baby was given six weeks to live. Today she is six years old and goes to bed every night saying a prayer for Bob Barefoot. Wow, I can’t explain how good this makes me feel. Also, I have watched thousands of terminal patients cure themselves. Thus, the paid for negative comments will never deter me from my goal to “CURE AMERICA”.

3. When it comes to Coral Calcium and Coral Calcium supplements, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about exactly what it is. Here’s what I found on Wikipedia about Coral Calcium… “Upon further analysis, it is apparent that Coral Calcium is nothing more than calcium carbonate and magnesium (there are other elements and minerals present in trace amounts) which can be bought at the local home improvement store as limestone and costs about $1.00 per bag”. Bob, can you please tell our readers why Coral Calcium is more than just “$1.00 per bag limestone” and what are some of the benefits of taking it as opposed to ordinary calcium supplements?

The criticism that coral calcium is just a $1.00 bag of limestone is just not true. Coral calcium is indeed a calcium/magnesium carbonate, but it is not limestone, it is aragonite. It was a live marine growth with thousands of times the surface area of the inert limestone. It contains over 60 trace metals, all of which are important in human biology, while limestone, which can contain the toxins, arsenic and mercury, does not have these metals. It also contains marine microbes that cause your intestines to massively increase the absorption of nutrients. It comes from Okinawa where the Japanese government has commissioned massive scientific studies to determine why Okanawans live ten years longer than Japan which lives ten years longer than America. Also, they wanted to know why Okinawa was virtually disease free. All of their studies concluded that the reason for their long life and good health was “the calcium in the coral”, or coral calcium. Seven hundred years ago Okanawans noticed that when chickens pecked the reef they laid twice as many eggs and when cows licked the reefs they produced twice as much milk, so the Okanawans mined the reefs and fertilized their rice crops producing four times as much rice. It was not long before they began sprinkling coral in their food and a short time later, as no one got sick, all of the doctors had to leave Okinawa. Then, six hundred years ago the Spanish, who ruled the world at the time, studied the Okinawans searching for “the fountain of youth”, as hundred year old Okinawan men were doing the jobs of 20 year old men. The Spanish concluded that the reason was the consumption of coral, so they filled their ship holds with coral to take back to Spain, where Spanish chemists determined that it was basically calcium, and thus it became “CORAL CALCIUM”. The ancient drug stores of the day, which are all now historic monuments, sold coral calcium as the cure for all disease. Today hundreds of millions of people have consumed coral calcium.  Unfortunately, the Japanese government no longer allow any one to touch the reefs. Fortunately, however, fish break off small pieces and the tsunami's also break off a large amount of the reefs. In Okinawa these pieces cannot float out hundreds of miles because just three miles away there are several very deep troughs that have been filled with the coral fossil over hundreds of millions of years. Also, over this time, when the nearby volcanoes erupted, the troughs filed up with their metal rich ash,  allowing the coral to absorb the metals. The Japanese government allows the dredging of these trenches so that the marine coral calcium, about $40.00 per kilogram, can be made available to the world. Only this God made marine coral from Okinawa has all of these miraculous properties, but the drug industry, which cannot stand any competition, wants you to think that coral calcium is inexpensive limestone.

4. Of course, you have your own supplement company today Bob and I honestly have to say, your four main products -Coral Calcium Supreme, Oxy Supreme, Bob’s Best Vitamin D, and your newest release, Solar Cal D - are all extremely high quality and incredibly potent too, by the way. But I have to ask, what made you decide to come up with your own supplement range in the first place? There are already truckloads of supplement companies out there. Why go and start up another one?

It is true that I created a supplement company while hundreds of these companies are out there today. But almost all of these companies use backhoes to dig up fossilized coral in Okinawa ($0.10 per kilogram). This allows them to make massive profits. However the fossilized coral, for hundreds of millions of years, has had much of the metal nutrients washed out by rain. Marine coral has 12.0% magnesium while fossilized coral has 0.1% magnesium. Fossilized coral is also almost devoid of marine microbes. Thus it was crucial to create a supplement company that would guarantee genuine marine coral from Okinawa. Also the products, known today as “Bob’s Best”, contain large amounts or the worlds best vitamins and other nutrients, instead of the cheaper vitamins and minerals used by other supplement companies. Today I oversee the production of the Bob’s Best products without any ownership of the production company. I make much of my money selling my books.

5. As a cancer treatment, there's no doubt that cesium chloride therapy is extremely controversial. Many of the so-called “experts” consider it dangerous and pure quackery. Recently here in Australia 60 Minutes ran a story about cesium advocate Dr. Hellfried Sartori, who was practicing in my home town of Perth at the time, labeling him “Dr. Death” and openly slamming his alternative methods. Even though it was a biased interview against him, I have to admit, it wasn't a good look for Dr. Sartori and those of us who recommend cesium chloride for cancer.     So what are your thoughts on using cesium to prevent and treat cancer?

Otto Warburg won two Nobel Prizes for cancer, determining that all cancers are caused by anaerosism, or lack of oxygen. He later agreed that this lack of oxygen was caused by acid build-up of body fluids as the result of a lack of minerals, especially calcium. As cesium is the most caustic substance on Earth, it is the best suited to wipe out the body acid resulting in an oxygen build-up in the body fluids, which thereby terminates cancer. Toxicologists have determined and reported that cesium chloride is not toxic. They say that 50 grams of regular table salt, sodium chloride, is required to induce vomiting while with cesium chloride 180 grams is required. Most cancer treatments require only 100 grams of cesium chloride taken over thirty days or about 3 grams per day. Dr. Sartori gave 6 grams per day of cesium chloride to 50 terminal cancer patients with less than one day to live. Half of these patents terminated their cancers and lived. Most of those that died were unconscious so Sartori repeated the experiment with 89 conscious patients and 79 survived. These men were patients of doctors who predicted they would die and were actually leading them to their deaths. Thus the real “Doctor Death” is the cancer doctor that most people go to and Dr. Sartori in reality should be known as “Doctor Life!”.

6. Bob, all those years ago you had the privilege of working with the great man, Dr. Carl Reich, (another health pioneer "the powers that be” tried to shame and defame). You must have learned a lot from him during that time?

In 1982, Dr. Carl Reich came to me because I was on the front covers of National magazines and known as a top chemist. He needed what he described as the world’s best chemist to help him explain how his cancer program of vitamins and minerals was curing cancer. He showed me the autopsies of about 100 patients who all died naturally, but had been diagnosed many years earlier with terminal cancers. Dr. Reich had cured them all! Dr. Reich had been working with Dr. Otto Warburg on a book, later named “The Calcium Factor” which tried to explain how calcium terminates cancers. Although Reich was called a quack by men of modern medicine, he introduced me to hundreds of cured patients who all considered him to be a man of god. It took me ten years to write the book “The Calcium Factor”.  In reality, both Reich and I were men of God. 

7. I remember listening to you at a seminar quite a few years ago and you were talking about your early days working in the oil industry, pouring milk and apple juice down oil wells to stimulate them. Do you look back on those days with fond memories? I mean, everybody has to start somewhere right?

It is true that I used lactic acid (milk) and malic acid (apple juice) to stimulate oil wells, which then produced ten times as much oil as the nearby wells did. I also published a scientific paper that allowed chemistry and geophysics to determine whether oil exists before you drill the well. I was put on the front cover of “Oilweek”, the number one magazine in the oil industry and Dr. Reich discovered me there.

8. You talk at great length about cholesterol not being "the boogie man” the medical profession claim it is and you back this up by reciting studies done on long lived cultures such as the Titicaca’s in Peru. They eat lots of high cholesterol foods such as bacon yet rarely ever get heart disease, diabetes and cancer. You've also been highly criticized for encouraging people to do the same thing. In fact, you regularly tell people to eat eggs and bacon everyday and regard it as "one of the healthiest meals known to man".

Well, I’d say you've been vindicated on this one Bob because recently there was a story about a Texan woman who turned 105. Of course, the reporter asked her the obvious question, what does she attribute her longevity to, and guess what she said… Bacon! “I love bacon, I eat it everyday” she says (much to the disgust of the vegetarian movement I bet). So what are your thoughts on this story? Does it lend vital proof to what you've been telling people for years?

In 1966, Dr. Kilmer McKully, dean of medicine, University of New York, made the discovery that cholesterol actually has nothing to do with heart disease. He determined that acid build-up around the arteries was the cause of heart disease. However, the drug industry, which was making tens of billions of dollars selling anti-cholesterol drugs, could not afford to have a man in such a prestigious position telling the world that cholesterol was not bad. They lobbied the AMA and had McKully removed from the university. McKully was asking that if cholesterol caused hardening of the arteries, then why did it not cause hardening of the veins which are identical to the arteries, with one exception. Arteries have muscle tissue surrounding them which when squeezed, caused the blood to flow to the body’s extremities. McKully reasoned and proved that acid build-up around the artery caused the disintegration of the muscle tissue, weakening the artery and causing it to burst. The body responds by hardening the artery so that it won’t burst, but a hardened artery can crack leading to a burst. Fortunately, God produces cholesterol which is "goopy" and can seal the cracked artery. Thus the cholesterol was found at the scene of the crime because it was saving lives. We do not arrest firemen at a fire or policemen at crime scenes simple because they are found there, but the men of medicine find that since cholesterol was found in the plaque, it is guilty. This allows the drug industry to make hundreds of billions of dollars on anti-cholesterol drugs, most of which are piggyback drugs that result in the doctor prescribing more drugs for the drug industry. Coral calcium eradicates the acid surrounding the artery and thus the artery does not harden and the need for cholesterol is eliminated, resulting in the cholesterol count dropping dramatically. There has never been a drug that can do this. There has never been a drug that has ever cured any degenerative disease!

9. On a more personal note Bob, I notice on your barefootscureamerica website you have a picture of yourself with your grandkids. Obviously family is important to you?

Yes, on the front page of my website I have a picture of my grandchildren. I love them and constantly think of them. My goal is to cure america so that they, and your grandchildren, will lead a long and healthy life.

10. Bob, there are so many more questions I would like to ask you but I promised you no more than 10, so I’ll finish here with my last one. But before I give it to you I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you once again for speaking with us today and we wish you and your family all the very best for the future. We would also like to encourage our visitors to get a copy of "The Calcium Factor" and "Death by Diet", if they haven't already done so and check out Bob’s websites barefootandhealthy and                         

So finally Bob, I would like to ask you... What would you like the Bob Barefoot legacy to be? When your time is up and you leave this earth, what's the one thing you want people to remember about you and what you did?

The one thing that I want people to remember is that God knew what he was doing when he made the human body. Doctors will tell you that God made a mistake because the sun causes cancer. But the reality is the sun prevents all cancers and numerous other diseases according to massive scientific studies. Thus you can believe your doctor or you can believe God. You cannot believe both. My goal in life is to try and explain how, with God’s total nutrition, the human body was designed to cure itself. The multi-trillion dollar drug industry should have no place in the medicine of tomorrow. My ultimate dream is that one day, children in schools will be reading my book, “The Calcium Factor”.

Final note: I think you will agree that this was a very enlightening and informative interview with Bob. What shocked me the most though was the fact that Bob has been forced to leave the country he loves and move to Costa Rica, all because the FDA has a vendetta against him. I'm sorry to say folks that our freedom of speech and way of life as we know it is slowly being taken away from us. Big government and big business don't like it when someone rocks their boat. The fact that the FDA tries to throw someone in jail because they talk about the benefits of natural supplements, yet at the same time they allow drug companies to basically do whatever they like and get away with murder (yes I literally mean "murder". Remember the Vioxx sham? Over 130, 000 people were killed by this drug in the U.S. alone before the FDA decided to remove it from the shelves).

Personally, I commend people like Bob Barefoot, Mike Adams, Alex Jones and others who are willing to stand up to these thugs. Please give them your support so that our way of life and free-dom to express ourselves and speak our minds remains exactly that... free!

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