Cinnamon & Exercise Cured my Diabetes...

by Cynthia
(Atlanta GA )

I was diagnosed with type II Diabetes. My family are Native American Indians and prefer natural remedies over any Dr prescribed medicines. My doctor prescribed metformin for me twice a day. I told my aunt about this and she suggested taking cinnamon Capsules and regular exercise instead. I tried the metformin and it made me sick to my stomach! I took her advice and switched to the cinnamon capsules twice per day with regular exercise (walking). After 6 months of cinnamon and regular exercise I no longer have Diabetes!

My doctor was shocked. He said I am the only person he has ever seen that had diabetes and now doesn't. He wanted to know my trick. I told him it was cinnamon and he did not believe me. Now anyone I know that is diagnosed with diabetes, or at a risk, I tell them to take cinnamon capsules and start walking. Most just look at me like I'm crazy. I've had some people even laugh at the idea.
On the bottle of cinnamon capsules it actually states that they're "for glucose control". Most folks don't even know they exist. You can buy them from health food stores but I just got mine from a regular retail store.

I'm certainly not going to beg anyone to take the cinnamon over metformin, but I will always tell them about my positive experience. I guess many people would rather just take doctor prescribed medicines than use natural remedies? But I am living proof that they work. My A1C results speak for themselves!

I am a firm believer that God already put everything on the earth that we need and that my doctor doesn't know everything. That's why they call the doctor's surgery a "practice" because that's what he's doing.

You have to be an advocate for your own health and do what feels right for you rather than just blatantly taking all these prescribed medicines. I am feeling really blessed to have found this website and am looking forward to trying some of your other natural remedies.

Thanks so much.

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Feb 22, 2017
by: Troy (Admin)

Wow, great story Cynthia. You would think the standard treatment for type II diabetes that doctors would prescribe would be cinnamon and regular exercise. Especially since there's the science behind them and studies to prove they work (see our Natural Diabetes Treatment article for more information on this).

It just goes to show how much further the medical profession still has to go. Thankfully, people such as yourself are out there changing people's perspective and beliefs - in particular - that pharmaceuticals are not necessarily the answer and natural cures and remedies do actually work.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us. We really appreciate it!

All the best. :)

Apr 23, 2017
Great website -- thank you!
by: Jan

Thank you for sharing! I've read about cinnamon and try to find ways to use it, but hadn't thought of taking the capsules. And I do need to exercise more so you have inspired me. I am thankful to have found this site when looking for rosacea help for a friend! Blessings. Jan

Apr 24, 2017
by: Troy (Admin)

Glad Cynthia's story has inspired you Jan. And glad you found us! :)

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