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Folks, we have a real treat for you today.

We are extremely excited and privileged to be speaking with one of the most knowledgeable and influential people in the natural health field. Dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor and naturopathic physician who has been on the cutting edge of the natural medicine revolution since 1979. She is the author and co-author of over 30 best-selling books (print and eBooks) including “The Magnesium Miracle”, “Invisible Minerals”, “Death by Modern Medicine”, “IBS for Dummies”, “IBS Cookbook for Dummies”, “The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health”, “Future Health Now Encyclopedia”, “Everything Alzheimer’s”, and “Hormone Balance”.  

Dr. Dean is on the Medical Advisory Board of the non-profit educational site - Nutritional Magnesium Association. Her magnesium outreach has recently won her an award from the well-known Heart Rhythm Society in the UK for Outstanding Medical Contribution to Cardiac Rhythm Management 2012.” She also has two patents pending on novel health products including the iCell, which is the basic ingredient of her revolutionary “RnA Drops”. Dr Dean also has a free online newsletter and a popular wellness program called Completement Now! In addition, she runs a busy telephone consulting practice (you can find out more at and and has a wonderful health library - Organized Wisdom - which gives you access to hundreds of informative written audio and video files.

The honest truth is Dr Deans resume is just too long to fit everything in here… it really is. So we suggest you click on this link to read her full list of accomplishments… It’s pretty impressive!

Before we begin our interview what I would like to say to you dear reader is this… If ever there was an interview or article that you needed to read and soak in every single word, this would definitely be it! Much of the information that Dr Dean is about to share with us is simply not available in the mainstream news. This really is what I like to call “innovative information”. With over 40 years’ of extensive knowledge and experience in the orthodox and natural health fields, Dr Dean deserves to be regarded as one of the true health pioneers of our time. This lady definitely knows her stuff so you need to pay close attention to what she says.

Oh, and just in case you didn't know, she’s also a very nice person to boot!

Now… On with our interview! 

1. Hi Carolyn. Thank you so much for being with us today. I know you have a lot of things on the go at the moment so we really do appreciate you taking the time to speak with us. Could you please begin by first telling our readers about your very successful “Completement Now” wellness program?


After over a dozen years of seeing patients in an office setting, and since then, as a Wellness Consultant via telephone, along with writing over thirty books and doing hundreds of interviews - all of which were designed to educate people to take better care of their health - I decided to put as much information as I could in one place in my Online Wellness Program called Completement Now! I wanted to “complete” the process I began when I first started my practice back in 1979 and I’d have people bring in notebooks to keep track of my advice!

In my experience, health is not just about taking dozens of supplements. It’s not just about following a rigid diet or just doing a strenuous exercise routine. It’s about introducing healthy practices in seven different areas that will help support your body, mind and spirit. These are the seven areas I chose to investigate: Vitalizing Foods, Personal Care, Energizing Exercise, Super Nutrients, Living Space, Rejuvenating Sleep, Mind-Over-Matter.

Every week for two years (that’s 104 weeks) I send a comprehensive report about a specific health topic. I start by describing the topic but then spend most of the time on how to do it, what can get in your way and how to overcome obstacles so you can achieve your goal.

I offer the first four modules of the program at no charge so people can experience some of the benefits and decide if they want to continue. Completement Now! has gotten rave reviews from the beginning and has changed many lives. It’s very affordable, the price of a Starbucks coffee and pastry! Only $10.00 per month. Also, people can email me to purchase the whole program at one time.


2. Carolyn, I call you “The Magnesium Guru” because I’ve yet to find anyone who knows more about magnesium and why it’s so incredibly important to our overall health and longevity than you. In fact, you regularly talk about the importance of magnesium on your blog and you also promote a product called ReMag, which would have to be the most complete magnesium supplement I’ve ever come across. Can you tell us a bit about this and why it was developed?


Magnesium is the most important mineral in the body hands down! When Random House asked me to write a book on magnesium, back in the late 1990s, I thought it would be difficult to find enough to say about one mineral but I was quite surprised. I was also amazed to learn that my heart palpitations and charley horse, leg cramps were due to a magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is a co-factor for the enzyme ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the main source of energy in 100% of cells.  It stabilizes membranes and is required for protein production and DNA and RNA production. It’s a co-factor for over 700 and perhaps up to 1,300 enzyme systems, making it the hardest working mineral in the body. Magnesium also regulates the ion channels, determining which minerals - like potassium and calcium - are allowed inside the cells. It’s involved with muscle action and nerve conduction.  I used to use the often quoted amount of 325 enzymes being activated by magnesium, but Dr. Andrea Rosenoff has increased that very old estimate to 700-800. To put this in perspective, zinc activates about 200 enzyme systems and calcium only about 50!    So you see where magnesium is far ahead of the crowd.

I’ve collected about 55 conditions associated with magnesium deficiency that will blow you away: Acid reflux, Adrenal fatigue, Alzheimer's disease, Angina, Anxiety and panic attacks, Arthritis, Asthma, Arteriosclerosis, Blood clots, Bowel disease, Brain dysfunction, Cholesterol elevation, Cystitis, Depression, Detoxification, Diabetes, Fatigue, Headaches, Heart disease, Hypertension, Hypoglycemia, Inflammation, Insomnia, IBS, Kidney disease, Kidney stones, Migraines, Various Musculoskeletal conditions, Various Nerve problems, Various Ob/Gyn problems, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, Raynaud’s syndrome, Sports injuries, Sports recovery and Tooth decay.

I’ve become a magnesium expert because I seem to have a magnesium wasting condition and need high doses of magnesium to relieve my symptoms. However, when I began taking magnesium for my symptoms I immediately got the laxative effect from even small doses of pills or powders. I had to use magnesium oil and Epsom salt baths to try and relieve my symptoms but it wasn’t enough. I was getting the laxative effect before I got the full therapeutic effect.

Finally, I found Pico-ionic magnesium (ReMag). Magnesium processed into picometer-size makes it 100% absorbed directly into the cells, high up in the GI tract so it doesn’t even reach the large intestine. So the benefit is it doesn’t cause a laxative effect. With ReMag, I could get the therapeutic effect and not the laxative effect. Many people don’t get enough magnesium because they get diarrhea before all their symptoms are relieved.

I recommend that people take a Magnesium RBC test to follow their magnesium levels. If your doctor or co-pay doesn’t allow this test, you can obtain it through for only $49.00. Please note, however, that the optimum level is 6.5mg/dL and the range is usually 4.2-6.8mg/dL. You can see with that broad range, a doctor reading the results would tell someone with a level of 4.3 that they are just fine. However, lab ranges are based on the sick population, not on optimum health. In countries other than the U.S. magnesium levels are measured with other units; 2.4-2.57 mmole/L, or 3.37-5.77 mEq/L. In both cases, I would advise aiming for the high normal value.


If you would like more information on magnesium, you can read my book The Magnesium Miracle, join my free newsletter where I blog regularly about magnesium or go to my Organized Website Health Library where I have over 122 entries about magnesium alone!

3. Everybody talks a lot about calcium, but I would probably go as far as saying that magnesium is actually more important to our bodies than calcium (it would be a close race anyway), and it’s definitely important for heart health. But I'm astounded that not a single person with heart problems is ever tested for a magnesium deficiency when the heart muscle is primarily made up of magnesium! Instead they are given the usual suspects (ACE inhibitors, Beta-blockers, etc.) which end up causing more problems. So why do you think conventional doctors and cardiologists are so blind to this? As “brilliant” as the medical profession supposedly is, why can’t they put two and two together and see what’s going on here and start testing heart patients for magnesium deficiencies?

There is one main reason: financial. Magnesium can’t be patented so it’s not going to be promoted as a replacement to drugs. Doctors even police each other and a doctor who gets involved with alternative medicine is often ostracized and even investigated for not performing the standard practice of medicine. Pharmacies and insurance companies also police doctors so it’s no wonder so few doctors are speaking out about the abuses in allopathic medicine. My book Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions goes into these abuses.

Then there is the fact that less than 1 percent of the total magnesium in the body is in the blood stream. Since magnesium is crucial for proper heart function, anytime the level of magnesium goes down in the blood, magnesium is drawn out of the bones or muscles to bring the level back up. So, serum magnesium levels usually always look normal. Your magnesium tank can be almost empty but the serum magnesium will still look normal. I guess doctors kept seeing normal magnesium levels and just quit looking. The normal electrolyte panel just shows sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium. However, the amount of magnesium in the cells is a whole different story. The Magnesium RBC tests is a better measure of magnesium status, but the caveat is to aim for a high normal level. The range is 4.2-6.8mg/dL and the optimum is around 6.5. I tell people if their doctor won’t do the test, they can get it online through

Medicine often focuses on one solution to a problem. So, for the problem of osteoporosis, they focus on calcium supplementation, often in very high doses. However, three recent studies by Bolland (2008-2011 BMJ) found that calcium supplementation in women leads to a higher incidence of heart disease. The excessive calcium with no attention to magnesium is calcifying the arteries. What’s not mentioned in these studies is the build up of calcium in the breast, which leads to unnecessary breast biopsies and cancer scares. Calcium will also precipitate in other soft tissues and organs as gall stones, kidney stones, heel spurs and fibromyalgia.

What’s even more bizarre is that most drugs deplete magnesium and this depleted state contributes to drug side effects. Besides drugs overworking the liver to help detoxify them, drugs in about 15 different groups that make up the bulk of medications in common usage are fluoridated. Researchers found that drugs are more potent when fluoride is added. However, when fluoride and magnesium bind together they make a magnesium fluoride compound that blocks enzyme activity in the hundreds of systems dependent on magnesium and this magnesium fluoride compound is deposited in bone, making it brittle.

Statins are mostly fluoride drugs, as are the SSRI’s like Prozac. In my opinion the side effects from these drugs are expressions of magnesium deficiency. Statins cause muscle pain, Prozac causes extreme irritability. Cipro is a fluoride drug that can cause tendon rupture, which to my mind is severe magnesium deficiency from muscle tension and spasms leading to tearing. Fluconazole is a fluoride antifungal. If the letter “f” is in the name of the drug, look for fluoride.


4. Carolyn, another product that you regularly promote is something called RnA drops. This product is intriguing because while most health enthusiasts are out there saying that you need to take nutritional supplements, eat healthy and so forth, you are saying that unless your body is able to properly process what you’re ingesting, none of that other stuff is going to help. Is this where these RnA drops come in?


Unfortunately, natural medicine has been largely taken over by the supplement industry. I call many of the natural medicine practitioners green allopath’s because they match supplements with symptoms, much like doctors prescribe drugs.

So, I have this long-standing bias against too much supplementation, synthetic supplements and unnecessary supplements. Therefore, it was a great shock to me that after 35 years practicing natural medicine I ended up creating a product line!  I was guided step-by-step into this work as I’ll explain below…


The following is edited from an article I wrote for Natural News called “Programming RNA: The Future of Medicine”...

RnA Drops and the other Completement Formulas (ReAline, ReMag, ReLyte and ReNew) help create perfect cells. RnA Drops are a food-based product made from barley sprouts that have a direct connection to what the Bible calls “Shewbread” but are also referenced as "The Bread of Life", in association with "Living Water." RnA Drops were discovered serendipitously, while working on the initial stages of this project, as an early byproduct of the process. When the people working in the factory noticed their health and environment improving dramatically by just being close to the process, we took note and explored what was happening.

We had a test group use the RnA Drops and documented the effects. Participants each tasted something different when putting the drops in their mouth. Taste varied from Doritos to dirt; from tobacco to vinegar; from peanut butter to lemons. It was bizarre, as if the Drops would accommodate every individual's gustatory projection. I tasted tobacco at first and I've never smoked. But I immediately realized I might be "detoxifying" all the secondhand smoke from my father when I was growing up. Now I taste lemons.

As we began offering the drops to more people, someone grew an inch; another person got rid of their genital herpes lesions; diabetic blood sugars dropped; and several people had surprisingly rapid recovery after near-fatal accidents. After a heart attack a man with 20% heart function said his heart is back to normal after a year of taking RnA Drops. Athletes recover from old injuries and exceed their previous performance levels. A 2.5 year old child had his severe facial eczema clear up in 2 weeks of oral RnA Drops after 2 years of trying every drug and nutrient possible.

What's amazing about RnA Drops, and like no other product that I know, is that they are not just active at the level of the physical body. People comment on their heightened state of bliss and feel increased strength, confidence, and poise as their world moves in the direction they want it to go. People take back their Power.

I was introduced to the precursor of the RnA Drops over 40 years ago; it was called the D-Cell. At that time it was used as a water purifier grown from grains that were then trapped inside a cement matrix. Twenty-two years later I was given the formula by the owner. I tried to recreate the D-Cells many times but to no avail. But then my husband and I “created” iON.

Something that may be difficult to fathom is that our inspiration for the Living Water Project came from a Non-Physical source called iON. We don't call iON a medium - they are a "non-physical environment." I know I'm going out on a huge limb here with this revelation but I consider this limb very solid. We think we're living in a 3-D world but even our physicists have discovered what some call "The God Particle" (Higgs boson) with their $10 Billion Hadron Collider. 

iON speaks through the vocal cords of a friend of ours… JW. JW began seeing and talking to dead people, walking into other worlds and generally expanding the “gifts” he was born with around 2009. You can learn more about iON at How Ionic.

iON, in describing the RnA Drops, says that the drops give new information to our RNA (ribonucleic acid) which affects our DNA via an improved tuning function of Chromosome14, allowing the replication of perfect cells. Imagine a photocopier that's duplicating a faded master text and the toner is also running low. RnA Drops "enhance the master text" and "replenish the toner" allowing the new master copy to make refreshed, perfect cells.

There is also the matter of increasing our one double-strand of DNA to the numbers that we were created with. According to iON, we originally had 144,000 double-strands of DNA. And those “hidden” strands may be the so-called “junk” DNA that scientists say makes up 98% of human DNA. If this is true, it goes a long way to explaining why we have been living in a perpetual "less than" state and authority figures have no trouble "keeping us down." To me, this information gives some rationale to the unfortunately familiar lack of ability to come into our own Power. Our 65 hours of in-depth discussion of the Book of Revelation helps sort out the Power versus Authority battle through the ages.

I make no apologies for being at least 20 years ahead of my time. Remember, I’m the Doctor of the Future! I was an Honors Biology-Genetics major before I went to medical school so I know a lot about RNA. But it wasn't until I started talking with iON that I learned how extremely important it is. We all got distracted researching DNA and unlocking the human genome. Yet little research existed on RNA until recently. 

RnA Drops perfect all the cells in the body and enhance a joyful state of mind. ReAline with its sulfur amino acids (l-methionine and taurine) and B vitamins enhance body detoxification, making room for perfect cells. ReMag and ReLyte are picometer-sized, ionic minerals, 100% absorbed at the cellular level which give complete building blocks for our newly forming perfect cells and help clear debris from existing cells. ReNew is our skin serum; 10x the concentration of RnA Drops mixed with a touch of ozonated olive oil and a hint of rose oil for easy application to any skin surface. 

You can find more information about iON and the RnA Drops in this article... Programming RNA - The Future of Medicine.


5. Okay, back in 2003 you collaborated with Dr Gary Null, Dr Martin Feldman, Dr Debora Rasio and Dorothy Smith, Ph.D., to produce a very detailed report on the state of the U.S health system titled “Death by Medicine”. To say that report shocked the nation would be an understatement!

There was a lot in the report but the statistic that had everyone talking was the total number of iatrogenic deaths (deaths caused inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or a particular medical treatment or diagnostic procedure), which was around a staggering 780,000 people per year. That really was a mind-blowing number which should have had the medical industry standing up and taking notice big time!

So, it’s now been ten years since that report came out. Has anything changed since then?   


First off, I want to be clear about the paper that I wrote in 2003; there were no co-authors except some direction by Gary Null who was using a grant from the Life Extension Foundation to produce a report on iatrogenisis. I bumped into Gary one day in New York and he complained to me that he couldn’t get anyone to come up with any decent statistics for this project. He challenged me to take it on. He may have had other people working on the project before me but I did not receive any research from Gary or input from anyone else. Why Gary chose to put several names on the paper is anyone’s guess. 

My mother was dying of acute leukemia at the time I was doing this report. Elderly people get chronic leukemia, not acute leukemia, so I knew she was suffering from drug side effects (blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds). It was an obvious topic for me to investigate. It took me three intense weeks to do the research using government databases and delving into university online libraries for journal articles. The numbers were all there. All I did was search for all the many ways people were needlessly dying in our disease-care system. 

I categorized death due to: Hospital Adverse Drug Reactions, Medical Error, Bedsores, Infection, Malnutrition, Outpatient ADR, Unnecessary Procedures and Surgery-Related to come up with the number 783,936.   I wrote the paper in December 2003 and greatly expanded it in 2005 when I published “Death by Modern Medicine”. 

Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions is my 2008 updated version. This book is in eBook and Kindle formats and is a must-read because only when you read it will you understand what we are up against in our disease-care system. (Then you can read my other 29 books to see what to do to stay healthy!) The 13 chapters are titled: Death by Modern Medical Doctors, Death by Drug Companies, Death by Health Care Bureaucracy, Death by Media, Death by Propaganda, Death by Modern Drugs and Procedures, Death by Modern Science, Death by Cancer Inc., Death by Modern Chemicals, Death by Sugar, Death by Addiction, Death by Denial and Death by Lifestyle. 

There are three forewords to the book by three famous doctors: Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Julian Whitaker. When I was with Dr. Mercola in June 2013 in Chicago, he said it was time for another update on the statistics of Death by Modern Medicine. I thought my update in 2008 would show a reduction in errors as hospitals began to address the problem. What I found was more deaths… 100,000 more deaths. Now people were dying to the tune of 895,936 annually. However, what did change was the money spent on iatrogenisis. My 2005 price tag was $282 billion annually. By 2008, the cost was $282.85 billion. I assume that’s what the hospital clean up was about, saving money and not saving lives. 

Dr. Mercola, in June, 2013 also told me a tragic story that I’ll put in the next edition of Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions. In the book I quote stats on outpatient adverse drug reactions published by Dr. Barbara Starfield. In JAMA (2000) she reported that 225,000 people died annually from iatrogenic causes. She included hospital stats only in the following categories: drug errors, properly prescribed drug deaths, unnecessary surgery and “other” errors. Dr. Mercola wrote brilliantly about Starfield’s paper saying Doctors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. In 2012, Dr. Mercola wrote about The Shocking Dangers of Plavix and announced Dr. Starfield’s death due to a brain hemorrhage caused by blood thinning drugs! Yes, she was a victim of the very entity she was trying to expose!

6. Like myself Carolyn, you talk a lot about yeast fungus problems and how to overcome them. It’s actually good to finally meet someone else who believes that yeast fungus overgrowth is one of the most underrated and misdiagnosed causes of ill-health in the world today! Now, I know you’re currently working on a brand new book about yeast fungus and you have your yeast overgrowth world. Can you tell us a bit about these and what we can expect from your new book?


In 1986 I had the honor of appearing on a live television program in Toronto with Dr. William Crook. It was a 90-minute show and we had 86,000 callers. It was a record for that program. I also had the honor of co-authoring “The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health” with Dr. Crook, but I’m afraid it’s quite out of date. I’m writing a new book on yeast to try to wake people up to the fact that yeast is probably the biggest cause of inflammation in the body and needs to be treated by the right combination of diet, probiotics and natural antifungals. 

Yeast is a normal inhabitant of our body that is naturally able to evade detection until it’s too late. Yeast have what’s known as “fungal cloaking devices” that help them evade the immune system. When the immune system is differentiating between friend and foe, it will identify bacteria and viruses as invaders but skip over yeast because it’s part of our normal flora. Their cloaking device is part of what they are. One of yeast’s normal functions in the body is to break down dead and dying tissues and ultimately help break down living organisms when they die. Another is the production of 178 different chemical antigens that can be absorbed into the blood stream and set up a never-ending inflammatory cascade. They do all this in the dark on warm and wet tissues that become a perfect habitat for them. The immune system has been skipping over yeast for millennia but the widespread use of antibiotics in the past seventy years has encouraged an enormous overgrowth of yeast, allowing it to cross the line and become the enemy. 

A positive answer to two or more of these seven questions will help to identify yeast overgrowth... 

1. Have you, at any time in your life, taken "broad spectrum" antibiotics?

2. Have you taken tetracycline or other broad spectrum antibiotics for one month or longer?

3. Are your symptoms worse on damp, muggy days or in moldy places?

4. Do you crave sugar?

5. Do you have a feeling of being “drained”?

6. Are you bothered with vaginal (or penile) burning, itching or discharge?

7. Are you bothered by burning, itching or tearing of eyes?


Allopathic doctors don’t recognize yeast overgrowth and if they do they will use the incredibly toxic antifungal drugs like Fluconazole (Diflucan - a fluoride drug) and Ketoconazole (Nizoral, a liver toxin and enzyme killer). 

My book and website should be out by the end of 2013. In the meantime, people can go to the Yeast Connection website for more information.


7. Carolyn, it seems as though every disease in the world today is being blamed on genetics, but the real life evidence doesn't stack up in my opinion. My Mom, for instance, was diagnosed with Iron Storage Disease about 5 years ago. Apparently this disease is “genetic” according to the medical profession (they've supposedly isolated the gene responsible) so she was tested for the gene. She doesn't actually have it! She has the disease but not the gene. Of course, her specialist had to come up with some excuse as to why she had the disease but not the gene so she was quickly labelled “a special case!” It’s also been revealed that scientists have now isolated a gene which is supposedly responsible for ADD and ADHD behaviour (sugar and artificial colours and flavours have nothing to do with it apparently).

So, I would like to ask you what your thoughts are on this whole “genetic” and family history theory? Is there some truth to it or is it just a “scapegoat theory?”  


Like I said earlier, I was in honours Biology before I switched over to medicine. I loved genetics and I would have identified and removed the Stupidity gene from the human population if I could! But that never happened, and neither will we ever be able to remove a gene that controls a specific disease. The Genome project cost the public 3 billion dollars. That’s right, you paid for it and what did you get? Instead of removing genes people are still removing organs and glands, like having double mastectomies to “prevent” breast cancer. 

Researchers predicted they would find 80,000 genes which would allow them to “cherry pick” what they didn’t want in the body. But they only found 23,000. There were not nearly enough genes. They had to accept the fact that genes don’t control us and had to acknowledge the new science of Epigenetics, which identifies the environmental factors like vitamins and minerals that turn genes on and off. One of the major factors is magnesium! Scientists who shied away after the Genome Project began working on the Proteome project to elucidate all the protein sequences in the body. One of their important findings was identifying 3,741 magnesium receptor sites on human protein. This implies to me that magnesium turns on and off protein sequences in the body. 

Unfortunately, to say that something is “genetic” makes people feel there is nothing they can do with their condition. It’s fate or destiny that has dealt them a cruel hand. But no, being able to turn genes on and off with supplements, exercise, relaxation and the proper weight brings us right back to controlling our own bodies through lifestyle.


8. I love the name you’ve been given by the way… “The Doctor of the Future”. I also have that Thomas Edison quote in my book because it’s just so relevant, even more so today. So do you think that being a qualified medical doctor as well as a naturopathic physician has given you a unique advantage? I mean, you’ve been able to practice both conventional and natural medicine and see the difference between the two. Most practitioners, on both sides of the field, never get to do that?


I’ve trademarked the title, Doctor of the Future, which was given to me by Dr. Stephen Sinatra. When Dr. Sinatra found out I was an MD and ND, he was delighted and said that’s what we have to aim for. The doctor of the future should be a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor. 

I definitely have benefited from being an MD and an ND. I did my MD first and then my ND. When I began my medical practice in 1979, I mostly practiced naturopathic medicine under my medical license. I began natural medicine from the first day of my practice. I didn’t have to create a body count before deciding to switch from allopathic medicine to something that didn’t kill patients! 

The feedback from specialists and radiologists in Toronto, where I practiced, was that I never sent a frivolous case to them. They said, if I sent them a case, they were sure to find something. I also had the privilege of going in on operations with my patients. They were few and far between, thank goodness. But it was an eye opener. I was able to save organs and generally police an operation by being an attentive witness. 

I was also aware enough of the dangers of vaccines back then that I didn’t do standard vaccinations. Instead, I would give homeopathic vaccinations in liquid form and just gently pinch a child’s arm so they would think they had a shot. Teachers couldn’t understand why kids loved coming to my office to get their shots! When the child was older and if the parents wanted polio or tetanus shots, those were the only ones I gave. And they were followed up with a homeopathic remedy to antidote any side effects. 

Being an MD and ND has gotten me a lot of notoriety and publicity. Students routinely email me asking my opinion on having both degrees.    I tell them the MD still carries the weight of insurance coverage and government acceptance and the ND gives them the tools to use to keep people healthy!


9. On a lighter note, you live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, Hawaii (so I’m told anyway, I’ve yet to make it there myself). Now I’m curious to know, is it really as good as the pictures on your website show. You seem to be living the ideal lifestyle?


My husband and I came to Maui to work with a group who were planning a development, including a spa facility in Costa Rica. This was back in 2007. We fell in love with Maui and moved within 6 months. The economy tanked in 2008, so the spa never got off the ground but we are immensely happy to have found Maui and never want to leave. I walk and swim and do various other forms of exercise, all the time feeling younger and healthier every day.


10. Well Carolyn, at 64 years of age (sorry, I’ve given your age away!) you seem to be incredibly fit and energetic. Do you attribute this to “practising what you preach”, so to speak, and do you have any plans to slow down and maybe even “retire”?


As I said, living in a climate where the temperature is always in the low 80’s with cooling trade winds, I am able to bask in the vibrant glow of hibiscus, bougainvillea, plumeria, orchids and much more. I exercise every day and eat organic food from local farmers. We even have grass fed beef in Maui. 

And retire? I’m just getting started! With the RnA Drops, the picometer ReMag (magnesium) and ReLyte (minerals) ReAline (detox) and ReNew (skin care), I’m creating perfect cells and living an eternal life! At this rate, I never plan to retire!


That’s good to hear Carolyn because we believe you still have lot’s more to offer people right around the world with your incredible knowledge and expertize! 

Well folks, that ends this interview with Dr Dean. And I have to say… Wow! This was probably one of the most informative and enlightening interviews I think I’ve ever done. And I’m not just saying that. I learnt so much myself, which was terrific.


Carolyn, we would really like to thank you again for taking the time to speak with us today. It’s been an absolute treat. We would also like to encourage all of our readers to check out your very informative website and blog at There really is so much good quality information there, especially on magnesium. We would also encourage everyone to go and have a look at There’s little doubt that these RnA drops are “the supplement of the future” and are definitely worth looking into further. You can also follow Dr Dean on twitter at


So Carolyn, we wish you all the very best and good luck with all of your future endeavors.



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