Drugs and Our Doctors - Blind Leading the Blind!

by Brett Nailer
(Melbourne, Australia)

I have in the past six months become aware of the availability of melatonin, which is a circadian rhythm tablet available at a highly expensive rate here in Australia but extremely cheap in the US (and unrestricted).

It has multiple uses including a sleep aid, anxiety control, ADD and ADHD, and can even help with erectile dysfunction or be used as a replacement for Viagra.

I have noticed very few doctors have any knowledge of it and will not recommend it unless you inquire - then they all of a sudden seem to know all about it! (Must get kick backs from the Pharma giants).

When I asked my GP he gave me a stern warning to be careful because its addictive (it's not at all additive, no more than fresh air, but if I asked him for Valium or similar drugs there would be no problem!).

Makes me wonder what's really going on with these doctors? Something is definitely not right here?

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