Guaranteed Way to Get Rid of an Eye Stye Fast at Home!

by Jameson
(Oxford, UK )

Here's the best home remedy for a sty you'll come across, along with other proven ways to get rid of both upper & bottom eye lid styes overnight without the need for conventional antibiotics...


I keep getting these rotten eye styes... painful little shites too. I'm onto my sixth one in a row now & I've had enough! Do you have any home remedies/cures that I can use to get rid of them quickly along with any other tips that may help to stop others from rearing their ugly heads in the future.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jameson. My mom & grandmother used to say that when you had a stye it mean't your blood was out of order. There is actually some truth to this. When you have a build up of toxins & pathogens in the blood, along with a compromized (lowered) immune system, you will get eye styes with regular occurrence. A deficiency of essential nutrients, particularly certain vitamins & trace minerals, will also result in eye styes. So an eye stye is really just a symptom of an underlying problem within the body, namely, a toxin build up combined with nutritional deficiencies & a poor functioning immune system. While poor hygiene & a build up of debris such as dirt & make-up in the oil gland of the eye can also cause a sty (staphylococcus bacterial infection), if your immunity is strong, these types of eye infections/styes will be minor & cause only slight irritation (if they occur at all).

So if you do have a stye right now (which you obviously do) then you need something to clear the infection quickly. That's what the first 6 remedies below will do. The other 5 remedies & treatments will help to build up your immune system & remove the toxins & pathogens so you never have to deal with another eye sty in the future...

How to Get Rid of a Stye Remedy #1... Gold Ring/Bracelet/Band Rub: Yes I know, this one sounds like an old wives tale, but amazingly, it works like a charm! No one really knows for sure how this remedy works, however, gold is a powerful antibacterial agent & is regularly used in dental inlays (because it inhibits the growth of bacteria) & gold also helps to reduce inflammation (hence why it's beneficial for arthritis sufferers) - so this could explain why it works for styes & chalazions. All you do is take a gold ring, band, ear ring, or anything that's made of gold (must be 18 carrot or more to be effective) & after washing first to steralize, gently rub the gold on & around your sty. Do this for 10 minutes at a time every couple of hours. You wont believe the difference it makes. Do it enough times & your stye will be gone, or very close to being gone, the very next day! If you don't have any gold handy, a copper penny will also do the job.

Home Remedy for an Eye Sty #2... Baby Shampoo: Another effective way to get rid of a stye or chalazion fast is with baby shampoo. Soap is a strong surfactant that destroys the outer lining of the bacterial cell wall. This in turn kills the bacteria that's causing the sty (Staphylococcus aureus). To use, simply take a Q-tip & dip in some baby shampoo then apply to the affected area. Just be aware that this can sting a little at first if you get some in your eyes. There is no harm though & the stinging doesn't last long. Repeat this 4-5 times throughout the day, particularly before bedtime to get rid of your stye overnight.

Natural Treatment for Stye #3... Warm Compress: Applying a warm compress to your sty increases the circulation. By doing this, you help reduce the pain & inflammation by speeding up the bursting & draining of pus. Dip a clean cloth in some hot water, close your eye & apply the compress to the affected eyelid/area. Hold the cloth there for several minutes before dipping it in the hot water again (using a different/clean part of the cloth) & repeating. Do this 3-4 times throughout the day until all pus is removed. Be sure to wipe away any discharge with a clean cloth afterwards to prevent further infections.

How to Get Rid of an Eye Stye Remedy #4... Milk: This one follows on from the warm compress remedy. Milk not only works extremely well for pink eye & other eye infections, it also works for styes. After washing/cleaning your eye using the warm compress method, warm up some evaporated milk (even normal milk will do the job if you don't have evaporated milk) & using an eye dropper, squirt several drops into the affected eye. Repeat this throughout the day as many times as needed. Keep in mind too that if you happen to have access to breast milk, this works even better!

Home Remedy for a Stye #5... Cucumber or Potatoes: Both of these remedies are not only cool & soothing for eye styes, the
moisture contained in them helps to reduce the inflammation & irritation of the eye. Simply cut up a refrigerated cucumber or potato & place a slice on each eye whilst lying on the couch.

Natural Treatment for Eye Styes #6... Green or Black Tea: Tea contains antioxidants & tannins, which are potent antibacterial & anti-inflammatory agents. For this remedy, soak a tea bag in some warm water for a minute or so then remove & squeeze out the excess water. Close your eye & hold the moist tea bag over the affected eyelid for 5-10 minutes. Repeat several times throughout the day until your sty has diminished in size & all pain is gone. In addition to this, be sure to drink tea every day (preferably green tea) as it's high in natural antioxidants & immune boosting nutrients.

Tips & Remedies to Build Up Your Immunity & Get Rid of Those Toxins & Pathogens...

So now that you've gotten rid of that rotten stye (or are on your way to getting rid of it), you want to build up your immune system & cleanse your body so eye styes become a thing of the past for you. Here's 5 ways to do this...

1. Take Olive Leaf Extract (OLE)... Olive leaf extract is an exceptional bacterial, viral & fungal killer. This powerful natural antibiotic also boosts the immune system significantly & cleanses the blood of all unwanted toxins & pathogens. If you want to keep eye styes away for good then taking OLE every day is paramount. You can easily buy olive leaf extract online or from your local health food store. Make sure you only purchase the super strength OLE & not the regular varieties though as regular olive leaf is not strong enough. For dosage recommendations, simply follow the directions listed on the side of the bottle. Keep in mind that the olive leaf extract will need to be taken for at least 12-14 weeks to fully do its job & completely cleanse the body.

2. Take Chlorella, Spirulina & Wheat Grass Powder... Chlorella, spirulina & wheat grass contain potent detoxifying nutrients & antioxidants. They are also exceptional "heavy metal removers", which is important as heavy metals accumulate in the body over time (particularly in the brain) & cause all sorts of damaging health problems. Heavy metals are highly toxic & lower your immunity so removing them safely (chelating) is critical. In addition, chlorella, spirulina & wheat grass contain chlorophyll (the green pigment in plants) which is an exceptional blood builder, along with vitamins A, C & E, which also support the immune system & help protect the eyes against bacterial & viral infections. You can find wheat grass, spirulina & chlorella online or in your local health food store as well. The best way to purchase them is in an all in one "super green" formula (like these). One or two scoops mixed with water, juice or thrown in your favorite smoothie every morning is all you need to give yourself the nutrients & antioxidants your body needs every day.

3. Salt Your Food to Taste With Himalayan Pink Rock Salt (Crystal Salt)... Himalayan pink rock salt contains over 84 essential minerals & trace elements. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, nutrient deficiencies, including trace element deficiencies, result in a weakened immune system & lowered resistance to infection (eye styes are an infection of course). Zinc in particular is crucial for the peak functioning of the immune system & protecting the body against bacterial & viral infections (hence why it's always recommend for preventing colds & flu). Himalayan crystal salt is rich in zinc. You can find Himalayan pink rock salt in the salt aisle of your local supermarket. Use it in your cooking as much as possible, along with salting your food to taste with it. There are no negatives associated with using pink rock salt (it doesn't raise blood pressure) only positives... so go nuts with it! (1)

4. Eat Healthy... This one speaks for itself really. If you eat crap you'll feel like crap & your body will follow in kind with all sorts of unwanted health problems. Your diet doesn't have to be perfect. Simply eating more fruit & veg & avoiding refined & processed foods as much as possible will make a big difference. And make sure you also drink plenty of clean filtered water to help flush out the toxins from your body (don't forget to add a slice of fresh lemon to your water too for extra benefit & taste!)

5. Consume Immune building & Detoxifying Herbs & Spices... There are certain herbs & spices that are powerful immune builders & contain exceptional infection fighting & antibiotic properties. These include garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, turmeric (combined with black pepper), oregano & thyme. Be sure to use these herbs & spices in your cooking as much as possible, & if you drink smoothies, you can also add a teaspoon of one or more of these to your mix as well.

So hopefully these tips & remedies help you out Jameson!

Best regards,

Troy (Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist)

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Dec 24, 2017
Ear wax for styes??
by: Anonymous

I read that ear wax helps with curing eye sty's.
It seems really weird (and gross) and I was wondering if it does really help?

Dec 29, 2017
by: Troy

Yes, apparently ear wax does help, mainly with relieving the itch. Don't know anyone who's actually given it a try though?

All the best!

Feb 09, 2020
Normal? Y/N
by: Anonymous

Is it normal for styes to ooze a little?

Feb 13, 2020
by: Troy

If it's an external stye, meaning it's outside of the eyelid then yes, it can certainly release pus. This is not a bad thing. Just make sure you keep the area clean to prevent any infection. 😊

Nov 22, 2022
Immune boost
by: Stan

I've spent the last 6 months focusing on boosting my immune system as per the recommendations. So far, no eye styes to be seen 😂 and I feel so much better! More energy and no sickness. The olive leaf and wheat powder have been the best for me. Wish I knew about these years ago!

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