Natural Remedy for High Blood Pressure - Salt Theory... 

The first treatment and natural remedy for high blood pressure you should follow according to the medical industry is to restrict your salt intake. But here are the reasons why this advice is clearly unfounded...

Article by Troy Sawyer (Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Sports Nutritionist)

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If you've already read our first article on natural remedies for high blood pressure (if you haven't then you can click on the link at the bottom of this page) then you'll realize that we're back onto the controversial subject of salt and high blood pressure. This debate has been raging for many years and we think it's an important one that needs to be cleared up.

The medical profession seems hell bent on trying to convince people to restrict the amount of salt in their diet because it’s supposedly bad for you, even though there's no real evidence to prove this theory. Even the American Heart Association has agreed that there's a distinct lack of proof on the salt and high blood pressure theory...

In July of 1997, USA Today came out with an article titled, Doctors Lack Proof That Too Much Salt is Unhealthful. Researchers stated…

“After years of telling healthy people that too much salt isn’t good for them, researchers still don’t have solid evidence to back up the claim”. 4

Epidemiologist and high blood pressure specialist at the University of Toronto, Dr. Alexander Gordon Logan, examined 56 existing studies and went through an extensive amount of research data to try and find a connection between salt intake and high blood pressure. He couldn’t find a thing and actually came out and said... (published in J.A.M.A) "You might as well go ahead and salt your food to taste"2

And here's even more proof from renowned health expert, Dr Joseph Mercola, that salt has absolutely nothing to do with hypertension and heart disease... Add Salt to Your Food Daily - Despite What Your Doctor Says

Salt Sensitivity Theory Still to be Proven...

The only connection to salt and high blood pressure that has possibly been found is the fact that around 10% of the population might be salt sensitive. So these people may experience a slight rise in blood pressure from too much salt in their diet. Even if this were true, 10% of the population isn’t much. We believe the likely cause is not actually salt sensitivity, it’s more likely rampant mineral deficiencies!

Even Dr. Deepak Chopra, in his book Perfect Health, makes a comment about the salt and high blood pressure theory. He says…

"In the West, the connection between salt and hypertension has been convincing enough that many patients with high blood pressure have been forbidden to eat any but the smallest amounts of salt. This implied that salt was somehow an enemy. Now it is known that such restrictions were too severe – normal person can eat all the salt he wants without harm to his blood pressure." 3

Yes, There are Good Salts and Bad Salts...

Of course, like most things, there are “good” and “bad” salts.

Commercially available table salt is the bad one, even if it says its naturally evaporated sea salt (there’s no regulation on salt so technically any salt could be classed as “sea salt” as it all came from the ocean once upon a time). These table salts are normally bleached and contain various toxic additives such as aluminium hydroxide and anti-caking agents. If you use them you can pretty much be guaranteed to end up with problems such as gout, arthritis, rheumatism, and kidney and gall bladder stones. 1

Sea salt is a better choice as long as you can get it from a reputable source that can guarantee it's genuine sea salt. Even then, these salts can be contaminated with mercury, dioxin and other poisons.

The best salt by a country mile is pink rock salt (crystal salt). This naturally occurring salt also contains over 70 essential minerals and trace elements besides sodium (salt) in a highly absorbable and safe form.

Pink rock salt is extremely good for you and has actually been found to stabilize and lower blood pressure! 

The most popular and reputable is Himalayan pink rock salt but you can also find it in Australia, Hawaii, Peru, Utah and Poland. Pink rock salt is slowly becoming more and more widely available as its popularity continues to grow.

So folks, forget all the nonsense about salt giving you high blood pressure, and instead, go ahead and salt your food to taste without feeling guilty (with some pink rock salt of course). And don’t be afraid that you might eat too much, because if you do, your taste buds will soon let you know and you simply won’t want to eat it!

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