How Cayenne Pepper Improved My Eyesight!

by Trilby O'Feral

Cayenne pepper is an excellent herb for improving eyesight and peripheral vision. Here's one persons real life experience...

About ten years ago I began taking cayenne pepper capsules because I thought I had COPD (I didn't). I also wore glasses. I was sixty-two years old at the time and had been wearing glasses for nearsightedness since I was thirty-five.

One day, after taking the cayenne for some time, I noticed I was playing a computer game without wearing my glasses. I had never been able to do this before. Gradually I began to read everything without glasses - directions on food packages, ingredient lists, almost everything but the tiniest of print.
Today I can even read that!

Needless to say, I was surprised and delighted. I went back and looked it up - cayenne pepper and eyesight. I found that because the cayenne improves your circulation, and you have veins in your eyes, this is what causes the improvement in eyesight - better circulation.

I haven't used my glasses for about six months now. I'm not sure if I would believe this if someone else had told it to me, it sounds so incredible.

But all I know is that ten years ago I couldn't read a newspaper without glasses and now I don't wear glasses for reading anything.

Hope this helps others.


Trilby O'Feral.

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Oct 01, 2019
by: Troy

Hey, terrific story Trilby. Yes, this is 100% correct. Cayenne pepper increases blood flow quite significantly, so if the eyes aren't getting enough blood supplied to them then eyesight WILL be affected.

Thanks for sharing your story!

All the best to you! 😊

Aug 07, 2020
4 km walk
by: Anonymous

I take 40000 hsu of cayenne pepper for blood sugar and for bp and also for my heart. I couldn’t walk even 1 km before when I was on Atacand.
Since I started taking cayenne capsules at 40000 hsu three times a day, I can walk 4 km every day! It took only two days to get rid of the chemicals in my body. I also take nettle leaf tea or soup to clean the blood and kidneys.

Oct 06, 2020
by: Troy

Awesome! We love our cayenne pepper too. Thanks for sharing! 😊

Nov 07, 2020
Cayene Pepper
by: Barry Thrift

Cayenne is a magic herb, there lots of ways it can help to heal. It's great for our sex life, its great for our blood as it cleans the blood, which makes it work better. It's worth reading up about cayenne pepper as it works in many ways - far more than we can think of.

You can take it with Turmeric but you need to take black pepper with it so it gets absorbed properly. Just a 1/4 teaspoon together will do and makes a nice mix.

Nov 18, 2020
Reply to Barry
by: Troy

Yes, you're right Barry. Cayenne pepper helps with a multitude of health problems and is great for overall good health.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😊

Apr 13, 2023
Short sightedness
by: Anonymous

I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 years of age, so I pray to God this will help my short sightedness.

Apr 17, 2023
by: Troy

No harm in trying. Good luck! 😊

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