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Today I have the distinct privilege and honor of getting to interview a leading cancer researcher and expert that you won’t hear about in the mainstream media. R. Webster Kehr is a true humanitarian. He is the founder of the enormously successful and popular cancertutor.com website. A site dedicated to informing the public on real, science backed cancer treatments and alternative therapies, along with providing help and support to cancer patients who are interested in using natural cancer treatments. He is also a board member and researcher for the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF), a group at the forefront of innovative cancer research with over 50 years combined experience in cancer research and alternative treatment modalities. Webster was also recently featured in the enormously popular documentary series The Quest for the Cures with fellow cancer researcher and expert, Ty Bollinger.

So now, let’s hear what Webster has to say in this informative and timely interview…  

1. Good morning Webster and a warm welcome to lifesavinghealth.org. We are honoured to have you here today answering our questions and sharing your extensive knowledge on cancer with us. To begin with, would you mind telling our readers how the amazing Independent Cancer Research Foundation (new-cancer-treatments.org) that you are a part of actually came about…  


I got into natural medicine research in 2002 when I noticed on the internet that there were cures for cancer that were being suppressed.  Specifically, I noticed that the FDA was trying to block the import of laetrile into the United States from Mexico. This was to shut down Dr. Philip Binzel, MD. When I saw what the FDA was doing I immediately knew that natural cancer treatments were effective against cancer because I knew from when I was in High School (1964) that most of the government agencies were corrupt and were gifts from Congress to big contributors. The FDA is totally corrupt, as are most government agencies (e.g. Department of Agriculture with GMO foods).

2. Webster, your website cancertutor.com is the #1 alternative cancer treatment website on the internet, and with good reason. The highly relevant and up-to-date information you provide on all aspects of cancer is exceptional, and so for us, we always advise anyone with cancer (and even people who want to prevent cancer) to check out your website first before they make any decisions on treatment modalities (conventional or alternative). So how did this website actually come about and how did you end up becoming a cancer researcher yourself?


When I first started researching natural cancer treatments I did not have cancer and did not know anyone who did have cancer. I just don't like corruption. The first articles appeared on a website I already had that had nothing to do with cancer. After writing a few articles I decided to create a new website on the topic - the Cancer Tutor website. I suspect my first article was on carrot juice or purple grape juice, but I don't remember exactly. Carrot juice was the first protocol to catch my eye because of the testimonials I saw about it.


3. You talk a lot about the corrupt and profit driven pharmaceutical industry and the powerful media propaganda that occurs in regards to the poo-pooing of any natural and alternative treatments for cancer. So do you think it’s solely about the almighty dollar in regards to this or is there more to it than what the average person knows about? Some have suggested it’s also about population control?


It could be population control but all I know for sure is that it's definitely about money. It all goes back to John D. Rockefeller, Sr. and his desire to make more money from his petroleum products. As I remember he essentially "bought" the American Medical Association (which I think at that time was homeopathic) and converted it into a drug organization. There are many books and articles about this on the whale.to website, which is actually much, much bigger than the cancertutor.com website, but it is more focused on the politics of medicine. It's an amazing website.

4. It’s now well-known within the health and wellness circles that cancer grows and thrives off sugar. And it’s interesting that I was talking to a lady the other day who went down the orthodox medical treatment road for her cancer first before switching to natural alternatives (and successfully beating her cancer) and she said that while she was in hospital receiving her treatment they were actually feeding her ice-cream and lollies! Is this absurd or what? Cancer feeds off sugar so why would you feed your patients sugary foods? So does the medical profession and so-called “cancer experts” actually have any idea what causes cancer, let alone how to successfully treat it?


Cancer is caused by MICROBES that are inside of cancer cells (cancertutor.com/what-causes-cancer). These microbes LOVE sugar and dairy!!! It’s like giving candy to a baby. We use their love for sweets to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. For example, we will mix honey with cinnamon. The cancer cells (i.e. the microbes) love the honey but the cinnamon kills the microbes and reverts the cancer cells into normal cells. The honey is a Trojan horse to get the microbe-killing substance inside the cancer cells to REVERT the cancer cells into normal cells. The Dirt Cheap Protocol uses many of these tricks: cancertutor.com/dirt-cheap-protocol

The ICRF Reference Manual lists many more of these tricks. See Section #2 in the Reference Manual: cancertutor.com/reference

5. I would imagine that someone who has been newly diagnosed with cancer would be very worried, confused and literally scared to death. So what would you say to anyone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer and is now reading this?


I would tell them to read these two articles in this order:




6. Webster, cannabis oil seems to be a potent cancer treatment that’s currently getting a lot of attention. So what are your thoughts on this protocol?


 I have an article on hemp oil, I am a very big supporter of it:



7. You were recently featured in Ty Bollinger’s terrific “Quest for the Cures” documentary series and the amount of views for this film have been truly epic! So do you think this documentary has helped with people’s overall perception of natural and alternative treatments for cancer? I mean, you talk about the high cure rates for natural cancer treatments and the fact that very few people know these treatments even exist? Has this film helped to get the word out, so to speak?


I think what Ty has done is amazing. I have known him for several years and he is a great person in all ways. I don't know what percent of the people who watched his DVDs were already well aware of natural medicine and what percent were totally unaware that this culture even existed, but he is a great guy. He has donated a significant amount of money to the ICRF, which is our research organization.

Yes he certainly is a great guy. Very genuine. I’ve spoken to him on a number of occasions. 

8. Now you call the Cellect-Budwig cancer protocol “one of the crown jewels of alternative medicine”. So why is it so effective for advanced cancer patients and why is it important that anyone thinking of following this protocol work in conjunction with an expert?


The Cellect-Budwig is probably the best overall home treatment on my website. Cellect is an amazing product by itself and includes cesium chloride, immune builders, minerals (e.g. to protect the bones for bone cancer patients) and so on. The complete formula is secret but I do know a few of the things. Expert support is needed to know how much to use, to do the coffee enemas (which Mike Vrentas requires - Mike supports the protocol), etc. In Europe Cellect is called Trican and it is used in some natural medicine cancer clinics.


9. It seems that every disease around the world today, including cancer, is now being blamed on genetics. So what are your thoughts on this whole “genetics and cancer” thing?


The reason orthodox medicine mentions DNA damage is that they want to convince people that a cure for cancer is 50 years away. They have used this excuse since DNA was discovered. The DNA damage in cancer cells has NOTHING to do with the cancer. The DNA damage is caused by the DNA of the microbes inside the cancer cells. A cancer microbe might get inside the cell nucleus and the DNA of the microbe may mix with the DNA of the cancer cell and the DNA of the cancer cell can be changed. The Dr. Virginia Livingston team of natural medicine researchers discovered this many years ago.

Can DNA damage in a cell cause the cell to be cancerous?? In theory, the answer is 'yes'. DNA damage can create defective proteins in the cell and these defective proteins MAY partially block the production of ATP energy. This is the definition of a cancer cell.  However, no one that I know of has ever proven that DNA damage can block the production of ATP energy!!! But I am not saying it is not possible only that at least in the vast majority of cases it is microbes that block the production of ATP energy. My point is that the DNA damage is an excuse for orthodox medicine to fail to cure cancer.  We don't care about the DNA damage. How does DNA damage prevent a cancer cell from being KILLED??? But we know that killing the microbes inside the cancer cells revert the cancer cells into normal cells in most, if not all, cases.

A cure for cancer will ALWAYS be 50 years away according to the American Cancer Society, ad nauseum. They have no desire to EVER cure cancer. They are looking for every excuse under the sun to never cure cancer!!! That is really what the DNA nonsense is all about.


10. Well Webster, I promised you no more than 10 questions (even though I have loads more) so here’s my final one. But before I give it to you I would like to encourage all of our readers and followers to check out cancertutor.com and take the time to read as much of the content as possible. It could well save your life! And if you can, please make a donation to the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (new-cancer-treatments.org). These guys are doing an astounding job and really are “The Future of Cancer Research” for the world, so please support them. 

So for my last question Webster I would like to ask you what’s on the horizon for you and the ICRF. Is there anything you’re working on at the moment that you’d like to share with us?


I am 67 years old and working 7 days a week answering emails from cancer patients, updating articles, etc. When the ICRF gets enough money to replace me with a couple of next generation researchers I plan on training them for several weeks and then retiring. This could happen in 2015 or 2016, but I don't think I can last any longer than that!!! We will see what happens. The 6 researchers and 2 associates in the ICRF are all good people and all know about cancer (though one of them is a Lyme disease specialist). 

I enjoy what I do but I’m getting burned out.


Well thank you once again Webster for your time and generosity.

All the best and God bless.

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