Natural Cancer Treatments... These Herbs Are Super Powerful Cancer Killers!

Science has deemed that certain herbs and spices are an extremely effective treatment for cancer (when used correctly of course). Here's a list of the ones considered to be the best for destroying cancer cells quickly...

Article by Troy Sawyer (Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Sports Nutritionist)

Updated June 29, 2024 -- This post contains affiliate links  

Ginger: A new study has just found that a chemical in ginger is up to 10,000 times more effective at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy. The study, published in the PLoS journal, found that the chemical, 6-shogaol, kills cancer stem cells but leaves healthy cells alone. Ginger is also instrumental in boosting the immune system and for healthy gut bacteria. Both of these are crucial for cancer recovery. 1

So be sure to grate or chop up some fresh ginger (one full teaspoon) and make yourself a nice warm ginger tea to drink morning, noon and night, along with using it in your cooking as much as you can.

Aloe Vera: This herb has been used successfully for decades as a treatment for cancer. It contains substances called polysaccharides, which boost the immune system and destroy rogue cancer cells. You can easily purchase high strength aloe vera juice (such as this one) or even grow it in your garden and add it to a delicious tropical smoothly every day. Aloe vera also works very well when rubbed on as a topical ointment for cancers (especially skin cancers).

Rosemary: Rosemary contains two powerful chemicals - camosic acid and carnosol. These substances are not only extremely potent cancer killers, they also protect the body against the deadly effects of radiation exposure. (And as an added benefit, rosemary is extremely good for brain health too!) Add it to your cooking as much as possible and use it to make yourself a delicious rosemary and lemon tea every day.

Garlic: Garlic is definitely one of nature’s best “cure all” remedies. And as far as cancer's concerned, studies have shown that the sulphur compounds in garlic are able to neutralize the carcinogens that contribute to cancer cell growth, which in turn, helps with tumor shrinkage.

Turmeric: Turmeric is another very effective cancer treatment and anti-cancer food. It contains a compound called curcumin, a super potent tumor destroyer. Curcumin also boosts the immune system tremendously, which further benefits cancer sufferers.

This is one herb you simply cannot go without if you have cancer (and you never have too much of it either). You need to take 2-4 heaped teaspoons a day in divided doses. The best way to do this is by mixing it in a smoothy, along with adding it to your cooking as much as you can. If you struggle with the taste of turmeric, purchase the high strength capsules instead... High Strength Turmeric Curcumin

In addition, always have some coconut oil with your turmeric (turmeric is fat soluble) and take 10-12 small black peppercorns as black pepper increases the absorbability of turmeric by a huge 2000%!

You can read more about using turmeric effectively for cancer in our "Stunning Natural Cancer Treatment" article and protocol instructions here... Stunning Natural Cancer Treatment

Red Clover: Red clover is one of the key ingredients listed in the famous Hoxsey cancer treatment formula. It's actually one of the world's oldest and most common remedies for cancer, and according to alternative cancer treatment expert, Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover, it "is good for cancer on any part of the body". One study actually found that 33 cultures around the world use red clover as a first-line treatment for this disease. The flowers from this herb contain four anti-tumor and anti-cancer compounds. The antioxidant in red clover, tocopherol, is one of the strongest yet discovered. 2 

Astragalus: The astragalus herb is also one of the most powerful cancer treatments available. Studies by the University of Texas showed that cancer patients given astragalus had twice the survival rate as those given a placebo. It seems to work with virtually every type of cancer. In fact, astragalus is so good the FDA in America is currently in the process of granting its approval as an official anti-cancer agent!

Cat’s Claw: This herb is a vine from the Peruvian jungle and has been used for thousands of years as a "cure all" medicine and cancer treatment. It contains substances called pentcyclic oxindole alkaloids (POA’s) which have been shown to boost the immune system, prevent and treat certain cancers, and possibly even treat AIDS. Cat’s claw works well for cancer patients because it makes the body produce more T-cells (T-cells attack and destroy cancer cells). When you're looking to buy this herb, keep in mind that the most potent part of the plant is the root. 

Essiac Tea: This traditional Native American formula is a "tried and tested" treatment for cancer that dates back to the 1920's and before. It's composed of four or more herbs, two of which - Burdock Root and Sheep Sorrel - have been found to destroy rogue cancer cells. A study published in The Canadian Journal of Urology revealed that a 64-year-old man went into "remission" from prostate cancer, and his remission was attributed to the daily consumption of Essiac tea. Many conventional medical doctors are even "sold" on the benefits of Essiac tea for treating cancer patients, including Dr Murray Susser from Los Angeles, who says he's seen Essiac tea work extremely well in place of chemotherapy and seen it extend the life of many cancer patients. 3

Essiac tea detoxifies the body, improves immune system function, reduces inflammation, improves gastrointestinal problems and heals the gut - 3 things all cancer sufferers need. While you can easily buy traditional Essiac tea (Ojibwa tea) from most health retailers, the one that you want for treating cancer is called Flor-Essence... Flora - Flor Essence Dry Tea Blend. This blend has four added ingredients; watercress, kelp, red clover and blessed thistle, which when combined with the traditional Essiac ingredients, gives it extra potency like you wouldn't believe! Remember also, Essiac tea works best when combined with other alternative cancer treatments, such as our "Stunning Natural Cancer Treatment" protocol. 

Oleander: The oleander plant (not actually a herb) is a terrific cancer treatment, but it does need to be used with caution. This plant is poisonous in high doses, but at the right dose, and in the right formula, it really is one of the all-time best remedies for cancer. The best way (and the safest way) to take the oleander plant is in supplement form. We recommend you click on this cancertutor link and read the information it contains first before going ahead and using the oleander protocol.

Cannabis Oil (CBD Oil): Yes, cannabis oil is not actually a herb either, but this is the best place to discuss this miraculous cancer treatment. It's highly unlikely that you haven't already heard of cannabis oil being used to treat and reverse cancer. It's a very heated and controversial subject at the moment, only because cannabis is "illegal" in most countries (but this is beginning to change very quickly). However, the therapeutic benefits of cannabis oil is not controversial. Even the National Cancer Institute now recognizes that cannabis oil actually treats cancer!

Cannabis oil is a whole subject in itself, but the fact is, the benefits of hemp oil, especially for treating and healing cancer patients, are now considered to be "overwhelming". This really is the "real deal" as far as bona fide treatments for cancer go.

We recommend you first watch the full version of "Run From the Cure" by well-known hemp oil advocate, Rick Simpson, so you fully understand the power of cannabis oil and it's incredible ability to treat all forms of cancers. You can view it here... 

Also, check out this website... cureyourowncancer for more information and go to Rick's official Facebook page for all the latest updates. 

Folks, you need to be fully open-minded about this remarkable cancer treatment and educate yourself first. Don't just brush it off or pass it up because it's illegal or considered "taboo". If you do, you may well be passing up one of the most powerful anti-cancer plants on the planet! 

Important final Note...

Even though cannabis is illegal in most states and territories, medical marijuana and CBD cannabis oil are not. You can purchase high grade, high quality CBD oil which still works extremely well on most cancers (the only difference is it's had the "hallucinogenic" THC cannabinoid removed). If you're interested, here's a reputable and trustworthy supplier... High Strength CBD oil. If you can make your own oil though, be sure to do this first!

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