Natural Treatments For Breast Cancer - CBD Oil & Retinoic Acid...

Cannabis oil (CBD) and retinoic acid are two potent alternative treatments for breast cancer that are showing great promise in regards to beating this dreaded disease.

Here's why you definitely need to be supplementing with this powerful medicinal plant and recently discovered nutrient...

Article by Troy Sawyer (Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Sports Nutritionist)

Updated February 22, 2024 -- This post contains affiliate links  

Cannabis Oil: Let's first begin with cannabis and cannabis oil, because this amazing plant is one of the greatest breast cancer treatments and cures of the last 1000 years! Yes I know that's a huge statement, but it's 100% true. Cannabinoids, and in particular, cannabidiol (CBD) have been found to actually switch off the gene responsible for metastasis in one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer known as "triple negative". What's more, it does this with absolutely zero side effects (know of any pharmaceutical drugs that can do this. I sure don't!).

Cells from this particular form of cancer are known to have high amounts of ID-1. When researchers exposed infected cancer cells to cannabidiol (CBD) they were astounded to find that these cells quickly returned to a normal, healthy state. They discovered that another cannabinoid - cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) - also stops breast cancer cell migration (stops them from spreading and multiplying out of control).

And it's not just breast cancer that hemp oil can help with either. Researcher, Pierre Despre, stated... "We started by researching breast cancer, but now we've found that cannabidiol works with many kinds of aggressive cancers - brain, prostate - any kind in which these high levels of ID-1 are present". 1

The fact is, science has still only scratched the surface of what this miracle plant can do. If you have breast cancer, then it would be wise to look into this treatment more deeply. We recommend you start with the basics. Watch well-known hemp oil advocate and expert Rick Simpsons incredible documentary "Run From the Cure" first if you haven't already done so. You can view the full version below. 

Also read the article "Does Cannabis Cure Breast Cancer?" from the link below and be sure to take the time to browse their website...


Ladies (or men), this is one of the most important (and powerful) alternative treatments for breast cancer you will ever find. Don't pass it up or blow it off just because it's considered socially unacceptable (and we aren't talking about smoking the stuff anyway). We advise you do your research first and forget about what other people will think.

In this instance, your health is way more important!

Important Final Note: If cannabis is not legal in your particular state or territory, or you're not comfortable taking the normal "hallucinogenic" cannabis oil, you can still purchase potent and legal forms of help oil that contain the CBD and CBDA cannabinoids (the same ones from the study above). These oils are much the same as the oil Rick Simpson talks about and makes himself, except they've had the THC (hallucinogenic) cannabinoid removed to make them legal. Here's a highly reputable and trustworthy supplier if you're interested... High Strength CBD Hemp Oil.

Retinoic Acid: Now we have retinoic acid, which is actually a derivative of the nutrient, pro-vitamin A. And as far as new breast cancer treatments go, it’s also making huge headlines!

In fact, in regards to breast cancer, one study by scientists from the University of Chicago revealed that retinoic acid can normalize and even reverse the growth of out-of-control cells.

As health writer, S. L. Baker says…

"According to the American Cancer Society, estrogen fuels the growth of two out of three breast cancers. The female hormone can spur on cancer by altering the expression of certain genes, resulting in breast cells that become malignant and proliferate. The University of Chicago study found that retinoic acid can also alter these same estrogen-sensitive genes. But instead of causing cells to grow without restraint, a hallmark of cancer, retinoic acid restored normal balance to the cells and inhibited their growth." 2

In addition to this research, there have been plenty of earlier studies done on retinoic acid and cancer, with the results being equally as impressive. At the moment, it's being used with great success as a remedy and treatment for a rare form of leukemia.

Even More Health Benefits From Retinoic Acid...

With the latest study, researchers also discovered another way in which vitamin A, or retinoic acid, could help women conquer breast cancer…

Certain genes contained in many malignant breast tumors don’t have any estrogen receptors. This means anti-estrogen drugs are essentially useless and the resulting prognosis for these types of breast cancers (double or triple negative breast cancers) is very poor. However, by using retinoic acid they found that the cancerous cells did in fact respond very positively to the treatment. So vitamin A may actually be a viable treatment for these types of breast cancers as well!

So How Much Retinoic Acid Do You Need To Take?

More research is currently under way into the benefits of retinoic acid for treating breast cancer. But there’s no need for you to wait for the results. If you have breast cancer, simply start taking pro-vitamin A supplements right now.

The RDA for vitamin A is 700 micrograms for women (2,333 International Units) but this is way too low for breast cancer patients. As long as you don’t exceed the maximum daily allowance of 3,000 micrograms (10,000 IU's), you'll be fine.

Remember this... when it comes to taking any supplement you need to keep this thought foremost in your mind…

"If you have a disease then you should be far more concerned with 'underdosing' rather than 'overdosing' if you want to beat the disease!"

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