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Today I feel very honoured indeed because I am fortunate enough to be getting to spend some time with one of the true experts in the fields of nutrition and natural cancer treatments. Dr Patrick Quillin has been involved in these fields for over 27 years and has written 17 outstanding books on these subjects that have sold over 2 million copies world-wide. Anyone who is involved in the natural health field would know who this man is and would probably have read at least one of his books. Some of his bestselling books include; “Beating Cancer with Nutrition”, “Healing Secrets From the Bible”, “The Wisdom and Healing Power of Whole Foods”, “Honey, Garlic and Vinegar”, “The Diabetes Improvement Program” and “Healing Nutrients”. He has appeared on over 40 television shows and 220 radio programs in the U.S. and has spoken at some of the top medical and trade conventions.

The truth is Patricks resume is just way too long to fully list here, it really is. So for his complete bio and full list of remarkable achievements we recommend you click on this link Patrick-Quillin-resume and take the time to have a read. It really is worth it!

So “without further ado,” lets here from Patrick…

1. Hi Patrick and welcome to It’s really terrific having you here today speaking with us and answering our questions. I’m especially interested in finding out a little bit more about you, having been a fan for so long. So would you mind starting off by telling all of our readers and followers a bit about yourself and your illustrious career?

My quest throughout my 37 year career has been personal empowerment in health and life. People need to know that they can take charge of their own life, health, and more through lifestyle changes, including nutrition. “You are what you eat” is a cute slogan, but does not pay homage to the complexity of the human body. Actually, more accurately, “you are what you eat, think, breathe, move, and do.” Once people realize that they can dramatically lower the risk for health challenges while increasing the quantity and quality of life; you are in charge...not just waiting for some unpredictable disease to strike.  Empowerment, health, wealth, and longer life for all of us is what my career has been seeking.


2. Patrick, you’ve written 17 wonderful books dating back to the mid 1980’s and they’ve all received great reviews. But I think you’re most popular and sought after book would have to be “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” which was first published back in 1996. You even drew high praise from the great man Dr Linus Pauling for that book. So I’m interested to know what made you decide to write it in the first place and are you surprized at just how popular it still is today?

While working as vice president of Nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centres of America (1989-2000), I was privileged to bring the essential adjuvant therapy of nutrition into an oncology hospital setting. This was quite new at the time.    I was overwhelmed with the number of patients who wanted more detailed information about nutrition and cancer, while also trying to answer many phone calls from physicians in other hospitals on that same subject. Writing the book BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION was a response to a need. There are 8 million patients being treated in cancer hospitals around America today.  All of those patients need the information in my book. Then we can discuss cancer prevention. 42% of Americans living today will develop cancer and 24% will die from the disease. BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION is a wonderful tool to lower cancer risks by 90% for those of us who do not have cancer. The book has been fully updated 4 times and translated into 5 foreign languages.  The book comes with an audio CD in the back for people who are too tired or have no time to read the book. There is also a full colour chart in the book which gives a simple approach to eating better foods. If you check out the 221 reviewers of my book on who have given it a cumulative 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, it looks like the book has helped many people. That’s why I wrote it.


3. Staying with your books, I see that your most recent book “The Wisdom and Healing Power of Whole Foods” has a 4 ½ star rating on with many reviewers saying it’s not only a great book to read, it’s also an easy book to read. So is that important to you? I mean, some books are just way too scientific, and even boring in my opinion.

While nutrition is a complex subject, there is a simple sound bite for people to swallow: “Eat foods in as close to their natural state as is possible. Eat whole foods.” Scientists keep looking more closely at the micro-nutrients and minor dietary constituents in foods and are dazzled at how nature puts these powerful “biological response modifiers” in whole foods. These substances help keep our bodies as “self-regulating and self-repairing” mechanisms. THE WISDOM AND HEALING POWER OF WHOLE FOODS takes a concise look at the health care meltdown we are enmeshed in right now, and how optimal nutrition through whole foods (both plant and animals) can dramatically improve our health, save the country trillions of dollars in unnecessary medical expenses, and more.

4. Dr Quillin, you also have a website Can you tell us a bit about this and what motivated you to start it up?

Having written 17 books that have sold over 2 million copies, I am constantly asked “what nutrition supplements should I buy?” So I created a web store with a few condition specific products that are extremely high quality. has been serving customers globally for 10 years.


5. Patrick, I’d like to ask you about in which you are the CEO. So what’s this all about? What’s the concept?

Education is a key to a more prosperous, healthier, safer, more tolerant, and kinder world. Once better educated, people improve their lives. But education is only available to a few in the world. was founded with the notion that anyone, anywhere in the world should be able to take any class, at any level, on any subject, without the gauntlet of a 2 hour commute into the nearby city. Distance learning has been shown to be comparable to bricks and mortar classroom teaching. is pushing for greater availability of education to the masses.


6. In 1995 you earned an Investigative New Drug number with the FDA to research the use of bovine cartilage for cancer patients. What was this all about and what was the end result?

John Prudden, MD, PhD spent decades researching the benefits of using oral supplements of bovine cartilage on cancer patients. I was able to dovetail with his work and test the product on some cancer patients at Cancer Treatment Centres in America. Alas, the study was never finished nor published. Among our problems were “inclusionary criteria”... who qualifies for using bovine cartilage for cancer treatment. Too many of the study subjects were refractory and unsalvageable after numerous rounds of chemo and radiation.


7. On a lighter note Patrick, you enjoy your music and I have to say very honestly, you’re really good! (And no I’m not just saying that to be nice. I really am impressed). I listened to good vibrations and the music is very relaxing and peaceful. So does playing music relax you even more than just listening to it? Is this why you do it?

Music is a tranquillizer and energizer all at once. Music can soothe and heal.  Music therapy has great potential. I found myself ignoring playing my guitar until I found a textbook from the New York Academy of Sciences entitled “The Biological Foundations of Music”, in which the academically affiliated authors showed that people who play a musical instrument “unmask existing but inoperative neuronal pathways”... e.g. you open up the highways of your brain that are currently not in use. I thought, I’m in. I began playing my guitar more regularly and entertaining weekly in a nearby restaurant. Stop by some time. Share some “good vibrations”.

8. I like your “wit and wisdom” section. You obviously have a good sense of humour. They say that having a sense of humour and laughing often helps you to live longer. What do you think?   

What do the following “longevity experts” have in common? George Burns (99), Bob Hope (100), Phyllis Diller (93), Art Linkletter (95), Jonathan Winters (87), Milton Berle (94). Answer, they all had a great sense of humour, all lived well beyond the average lifespan of 77, and none devoted themselves to jogging, fasting, or some extreme measure of health. “Humour is the balancing stick that allows us to walk the tightrope of life” (John Kennedy). Humour dramatically reduces stress and depression, lowers blood pressure, and allows us to tolerate the intolerable. The survivors are laughing!


9. Well Patrick, I’ve come to my last question for you. But before I give it to you I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big “thankyou” once again for being with us today and answering our questions. It’s been a real treat. I would also like to encourage all of our readers and followers to check out Dr Quillin’s website You can also follow Patrick on Google+. And if you’re interested in purchasing any of Dr Quillins books (which I strongly recommend you do), you can find them at this link…

So in closing Patrick I would like to ask you if you wouldn't mind sharing any last “pearls of wisdom” with our readers…

My career is multi-dimensional, as are all of us.  Take care of yourself.  Laugh, eat a decent diet, keep moving, get some sunshine and fresh air daily, and you may be surprised at your improvement in health and quantity of life.

Is there anything else you want to add before signing off?

Among my patents is a product I developed called Sinus Cleanser.  I am currently offering a bottle for $.01 plus shipping and handling. The product is clinically tested, patented, and it works.  I am hoping that the people who get this limited time offer will try Sinus Cleanser, find out it works for sinusitis, allergies, hay fever, etc, then will come back and buy a bottle at normal prices. This is a very limited time offer. Go to the following website: for all the details.


Final note: We would like to add here that customer feedback about this product has been extremely positive. If you have sinus problems or suffer from allergies then this spray is definitely worth trying and is by far a much better and safer alternative to using pharmaceuticals.  

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