Wow! Outstanding Interview With Rick Simpson... Cannabis Oil Crusader and Hemp Expert...

With Troy Sawyer

Rick Simpson is considered a modern day hero by millions around the world. After using cannabis oil to heal himself from cancer back in 2003, he’s spent the last 12 years campaigning to have laws changed world-wide so every person on the planet can have access to the incredible healing powers of cannabis oil, free of charge. As Rick say’s… “As far as I’m concerned, the cannabis plant belongs to us all and no government or anyone else ever had the right to outlaw this plant or its medicinal use in the first place”.

Thousands of people around the world owe their lives to Rick Simpson and they’re the first to admit it. His cannabis oil protocol produces some astonishing healing within the human body and cures everything from cancer to arthritis. If you are new to the incredible healing benefits of cannabis oil, then your first course of action is to watch Rick’s powerful documentary film “Run From the Cure” for a full overview. Here’s the link… Run From the Cure - Full Version.

Yesterday, I was incredibly privileged to get to interview Rick once again. And I have to say, he was in fine form and didn’t disappoint! What I love about Rick is he tells it like it is. There’s no bullsh#t with him. You’ve got to admire someone like that, which is why I guess so many people around the world love and respect him.

Rick covers a lot of great things in this interview, everything from the latest developments on the legalization front, to why he's been in India, and possibly returning again next year, along with some extra tips on how to get the most out of his RSO protocol. So, enough from me. Click on the video below to hear what Rick has to say…


Recommended Reading...

We highly recommend and encourage everyone to check out Rick’s official website… Even if you’ve been on there before, Ricks done some new updates that are worth checking out, including his new extraction method protocol.

If you’re on Facebook, then be sure to jump onto Ricks Official Facebook page and “like” the page to stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening on the Rick Simpson front. Here’s the direct link…

Finally, and most importantly, if you want to support Rick and his cause (many people want to help but aren’t sure how) then do yourself (and Rick) a favor and purchase his two books “Nature's Answer for Cancer” and the "Rick Simpson Story”. Both of these books are terrific reading and packed full of valuable information. By purchasing both Nature's Answer for Cancer and the Rick Simpson Story, you’re not only getting something of tremendous value, you’re helping Rick and his team continue their amazing work. Most people aren’t aware that Rick receives no sponsorship, no endorsements, nothing! The only thing that allows him, and his team, to continue what they’re doing is the small profits they make from book sales.

So if you want to support Rick, be sure to buy his books! (And read them of course). Here’s the links… Nature's Answer for Cancer and the Rick Simpson Story. 


In addition, if you enjoyed this interview and what Rick had to say then help spread the good word by sharing it with others. We very much appreciate it.


Thanks for watching and all the best to you!


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