The Powerful Health and Healing Benefits of Yoga...

by Suchi Gupta
(India )

One of the best natural ways to keep the whole body healthy and flexible is with regular Yoga.

Yoga helps to regulate bodily processes such as digestion, blood circulation and breathing. When these are not working correctly or in balance, health problems arise. Through the daily practice of Yoga, many of today's common ailments can be prevented and in some cases even cured. So we can say that regular Yoga helps in solving the root cause of many health issues.

So what is the best age to start doing yoga?There is no real set age as such. Children aged 3 can start doing it the same as 50 year olds can. It doesn't matter.

But What if the Body is Not Flexible Enough to do Those Poses?

Even if the body is not flexible to begin with, it will start to limber up and get better each day. One can start with some simple yoga poses for beginners and then move on to more advanced poses - or “aasanas” - as they are called in Hindi language.

You Can do Yoga Virtually Anywhere...

One of the major pluses with Yoga is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. No equipment is required except a mat to do it on. You don't need to go to a gym or Yoga class if you don't want to. So it’s much easier to fit in your daily schedule. (You may need an instructor in the beginning though). And no money is required either, apart from purchasing a mat and maybe a good instruction manual. And of course, there is no medicine or chemicals going in the body - so no side effects. It’s a completely natural and healthy way to achieve great health! And Yoga doesn't just include poses, it also teaches you to breathe properly. Simple relaxed breathing can really do wonders for the body.

Benefits of Regular Yoga...

Like any other form of relaxation or exercise, there are a lot of health benefits associated with doing regular Yoga. Here are a few...

--Yoga poses help with weight
loss. Or if you are at your perfect weight but still have that extra flab around the belly, try these poses and exercises for a flat tummy!

--Yoga helps with healthy, glowing skin.

--Yoga can reduce dark circles and wrinkles. Did you know that there is something called face yoga as well?

--Yoga helps with digestion.

--Gas and bloating problems are also resolved if Yoga is done on a regular basis.

--Stressed? Yoga can definitely help with this!

--When a goodnight’s sleep isn't so good, these Yoga poses can help.

--Have a stiff body from a desk job? Yoga will help to relieve the stiffness and soreness.

--Yoga strengthens the spine or the “Backbone” of your body.

--Yoga helps to keep you regular and prevents constipation!

--Breathing exercises help with health issues such as arthritis.

--Yoga strengthens concentration and mental acuity so you achieve more in less time. So, expect more appreciation at work!

--Yoga helps you develop inner peace and harmony, reducing anxiety, stress and tension levels.

--Health problems such as sinusitis and breathing difficulties can be greatly improved by doing Yoga breathing.

--Yoga improves the functioning of the liver and kidneys, two vital bodily organs.

--Breathing exercises help improve respiration, so our body receives enough oxygen and our organs work at optimum level.

--Yoga makes the body nice and flexible!

When it comes to practising Yoga, one only needs to have some patience and bit of consistency to see results. Remember, Yoga works, but it's not a magic bullet. Be sure to use it in conjunction with a healthy eating and lifestyle plan for best results.

Good luck!

Author Bio:

Suchi Gupta is the author of 4 books on Yoga poses for various health issues including stress relief, sleep deprivation, skin care and flat tummy exercises. Most of the information has come from her own personal experience. Suchi believes wholeheartedly in natural solutions and feels that medicine should be the last resort. She enjoys helping people by sharing natural, do-at-home solutions through her books.
Suchi currently lives in India. You can follow her on Twitter for more Yoga inspiration!

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