A Powerful Natural Remedy for Leaky Gut Syndrome...

by Myral

Want to successfully treat your leaky gut syndrome without the need for drugs or surgery? Here's how...


Hello. I have two questions I hope you can help me with:

#1. What can I do to cure my leaky gut? Are there any good natural or home remedies available?

#2. Is it beneficial to use flaxseed, lavender, Fenugreek and sage for breast cancer?

Thank you very much.


Hi Myral, and thanks for your questions.

Let's start with leaky gut syndrome, what actually causes it and some natural remedies that will work. This condition is actually a very common, but poorly recognized, problem affecting more and more people in society today. It results when large “gaps” form between the cells of the gut wall, which then allows toxins, bacteria and food to seep out.

Harmful substances such as parasites, fungi, toxins and bacteria, along with other foreign material, are normally eliminated - but with leaky gut syndrome these substances are allowed to enter the bloodstream. Of course, the effect this has on one’s health can be very serious.

Another problem with leaky gut syndrome is it causes the release of antibodies. These antibodies can then attack the lining of the gut, resulting in various gastrointestinal problems such as colitis and Crohn’s disease.

The lactobacillus bacteria (probiotics) play an important role in the prevention, treatment and healing of leaky gut syndrome. Taking
a good quality probiotic supplement, along with consuming foods rich in friendly bacteria is vital (here's a great website on how to easily make your own probiotic rich foods too... Cultures for Health).

In addition, wheat grass or barley grass powder, along with evening primrose oil will also help to heal the digestive tract and rid your body of leaky gut syndrome. You can easily purchase probiotics, wheat grass powder and evening primrose oil from places such as Amazon or Ebay. Of course, a healthy diet is also crucial. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (juiced, or preferably mashed up with a Nutri-bullet or something similar) and do not eat any refined or processed foods (or junk food) at all!

Now in regards to using the herbs you described for treating breast cancer? These herbs will certainly help with prevention, but they aren't strong enough to help with actually treating this disease. Have a read of our article here on the best herbal remedies and treatments for cancer... Herbs That Are Super Powerful Cancer Killers!.

Also have a read of this article on a very powerful natural cancer treatment that's definitely worth looking at... The Super Cheap Natural Cancer Treatment (and Prevention) Formula.

Hope these tips and recommendations help you out Myral.

Good luck and all the best to you,


Troy (Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach/Specialist).

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